Saturday, January 28, 2006

5 Good Tips on Your First Sex

Honestly, this guide is not really meant for people who have never had sex. If you've never had sex you are likely to start treating sex like encyclopedia which it isn't. Above all sex is fun as you'll find out.

Ok, if you wish, here go some tips:

1. Suppose you are alone with a girl and somehow you have a feeling you are going to have sex. DO NOT RUSH (Come on, take time to underss yourself and your partner). Many young men tend to confuse their own pushy nervousness for passion. The girl is less likely to change her mind if you do things slowly, even less so if she's naked and in bed.

2. Use a condom, maybe few people are so cold-blooded to dear to suggest using condom at their first time unless it is suggested by a more experienced lover. Using condom helps to avoid so many uncertainties and big mistakes of your life just a day after.

3. If you cowardly don't use condom, then don't finish inside at least.

4. If you are lucky to have a trustful partner who really likes you, then take your time to feel your partner's body. Just lie around warm and naked, I bet you'll like it.

5. Smile, and remember your further sex tries are most likely going to be much better than your first time.

5 Good Tips on Learning to Love Anal Sex

1. Do it regularly, the more often you do it the more you like it. Once or twice per week is a good order.

2. When fucking her in the ass, don't forget about her genitals. You can easily stimulate her to orgasm by your hand while penetrating her ass. Just make regular gentle circles with your hand around her clitoris.

3. If she says it's enough, it's enough, because at one point it may start to swell terribly for her.

4. Ask her to put a condom on her finger, lubricate it and insert it in your ass. See how you'll like it. It's almost guaranteed you'll moan the first time she does it.

5. Don't forget about woman-on-top position in anal sex, include it in your lovemaking pattern once in a while.

5 Good Tips on Penetrating Her Ass

1. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! As somebody has said "Too much lubrication is almost enough."

2. Take your time to place your partner as you deem it will be comfortable for you to penetrate. Doggy style will do fine, you are most likely to find her hole a bit high though, so place her more downwards so you can penetrate easily.

3. Go slowly.

4. Once [the head is] inside, don't pull outside. Hold it there and go deeper gradually.

5. If you feel she is very tense, try some other way. For example, lay her down on her side, let her slightly lift her one leg and try to penetrate from a side-by-side (spooning) position.

5 Good Tips on Making Him Last Longer

Quite many couples at some point in time start to suspect that she cannot reach orgasm, because he finishes too fast. Here are some good remedies that will make him last longer.

1. Woman-on-top position is one of the keywords that help many men last longer, because she controls the rhythm and he cannot speed up the penetration tempo, which he tends to do before his orgasm.

2. The more often he will have sex, the longer will he last. He will always be able to last much longer the second time you have sex in a short while.

3. Another advice is that he should learn to strain his bottom muscles, which help to control ejaculation. Just try to hold it sometimes when you pee to see how it works.

4. Oral stimulation before the actual sex also helps to make him last longer.

5. Finally, after intial stage of men's sex life, most men learn to and partly due to aging reasons do not finish that fast.

5 Good Tips on Reaching Multiple Orgasms

Women are capable of being stimulated to orgasm again before their resolution phase is complete. While most men need a resting (or refractory) period after orgasm, women can keep going. Other women feel complete after one orgasm and are not interested in seconds or thirds. A woman's ability to be multi-orgasmic may also depend on the circumstances of a particular sexual encounter:

1. She should be well rested in order to have enough energy for prolonged stimulation for multiple orgasms.

2. Men usually finish much faster than women, therefore for a woman to enjoy multiple orgasms the man will most likely have to resort to manual stimulation. Stimulate her vagina mildly (not too intensively) as it will tire quite fast, rather concentrate on her clitoris, and remember simultaneous stimulation of several erotic body areas works best.

3. Oral stimulation works best for reaching multiple orgasms. The feel of a touch of a tongue is like god created wonder for woman's clitoris. When you have stimulated your woman to first orgasm, then apply light stimulation with the tongue on her clitoris, and don't stop when she starts to shake her body upon reaching the first orgasm. Thus, you can keep her orgasmic level up and flying.

4. The clitoris is more sensitive to sexual stimulation than the vagina because there is much greater density of the nerve endings there. The entire area above, to the sides, and below the clitoris is usually highly sensitive to sexual stimulation. (In fact, some women don't like their clitoris to be touched directly; they prefer stimulation around and to the sides of it.) In fact, the clitoris has no other function than to provide a woman with sexual pleasure, and it can provide her with multiple orgasms.

5. If a woman reaches multiple orgasms, great, but don't make it your goal as most women feel fulfilled with at least one. Don't treat your woman's body like a field of enduring manual experiments. She will appreciate much more a caring gesture rather than your drive for multiple orgasms.