Saturday, January 28, 2006

5 Good Tips on Learning to Love Anal Sex

1. Do it regularly, the more often you do it the more you like it. Once or twice per week is a good order.

2. When fucking her in the ass, don't forget about her genitals. You can easily stimulate her to orgasm by your hand while penetrating her ass. Just make regular gentle circles with your hand around her clitoris.

3. If she says it's enough, it's enough, because at one point it may start to swell terribly for her.

4. Ask her to put a condom on her finger, lubricate it and insert it in your ass. See how you'll like it. It's almost guaranteed you'll moan the first time she does it.

5. Don't forget about woman-on-top position in anal sex, include it in your lovemaking pattern once in a while.

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