Saturday, January 28, 2006

5 Good Tips on Making Him Last Longer

Quite many couples at some point in time start to suspect that she cannot reach orgasm, because he finishes too fast. Here are some good remedies that will make him last longer.

1. Woman-on-top position is one of the keywords that help many men last longer, because she controls the rhythm and he cannot speed up the penetration tempo, which he tends to do before his orgasm.

2. The more often he will have sex, the longer will he last. He will always be able to last much longer the second time you have sex in a short while.

3. Another advice is that he should learn to strain his bottom muscles, which help to control ejaculation. Just try to hold it sometimes when you pee to see how it works.

4. Oral stimulation before the actual sex also helps to make him last longer.

5. Finally, after intial stage of men's sex life, most men learn to and partly due to aging reasons do not finish that fast.

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