Saturday, January 28, 2006

5 Good Tips on Your First Sex

Honestly, this guide is not really meant for people who have never had sex. If you've never had sex you are likely to start treating sex like encyclopedia which it isn't. Above all sex is fun as you'll find out.

Ok, if you wish, here go some tips:

1. Suppose you are alone with a girl and somehow you have a feeling you are going to have sex. DO NOT RUSH (Come on, take time to underss yourself and your partner). Many young men tend to confuse their own pushy nervousness for passion. The girl is less likely to change her mind if you do things slowly, even less so if she's naked and in bed.

2. Use a condom, maybe few people are so cold-blooded to dear to suggest using condom at their first time unless it is suggested by a more experienced lover. Using condom helps to avoid so many uncertainties and big mistakes of your life just a day after.

3. If you cowardly don't use condom, then don't finish inside at least.

4. If you are lucky to have a trustful partner who really likes you, then take your time to feel your partner's body. Just lie around warm and naked, I bet you'll like it.

5. Smile, and remember your further sex tries are most likely going to be much better than your first time.

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