Tuesday, February 28, 2006

5 Common Mistakes - Using Condoms

Read this very carefully and memorize for it may turn out to be much more important than an extra orgasm or g-spot stimulation technique.

1. Use them 100% of the time. (Provided she does not take the pill.) Each of us has had an occasion of the ultimate lust, being of afraid of saying anything while hurringly undressing, or being lazy, when it just seems not so important to wear a condom. Take a deep breath, and take a minute or few seconds needed to get your condom out and on. You and your partner will ultimately appreciate it 100% of the time.

2. Never use a condom together with oil-based lubricants (baby oil is oil-based), because the condom will tear.

3. Don't forget to squeeze the tip of the condom to push the air out of it when wearing the condom.

4. Pick the right size condoms. Some guys tend to complain about the small size of condoms, which makes them painful to wear. Make some inquiries, there are condoms of different sizes around nowadays.

5. You'd be surprised to find out how many guys have gone through the humiliating experience of not being able to wear a condom in front of their partners. Hey, take a look from the funny side of it, it's not the end of the world. But seriously, the number one problem for not being able to wear a condom is that penis has not gotten hard enough. Take your time to get it hard, and a little blowjob is an excellent help. When the penis is hard, wearing a condom is no problem.

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