Tuesday, February 28, 2006

5 Common Mistakes - Why She Never Reaches Orgasm?

Many women experience difficulties reaching orgasm with a lover for many reasons. Following are some of the more common ones.

1. She is too busy in her head -- thinking about how aroused you are or aren't, what your partner thinks of you, whether s/he can keep the movement going, etc. She often thinks too much, instead of focusing on the sensations of what's going on sexually.

2. She may be afraid that she won't orgasm. Some women don't even bother trying and end up completely repressing their sexual response.

3. She can be afraid of seeming demanding by asking too much of her partner (that is, asking to be stimulated the way she likes it, and the way she knows it works). She can be afraid that if her partner concentrates on her pleasure only, she will feel too much pressure to come, leaving her incapacitated sexually.

4. You and your partner are trying too hard to have simultaneous orgasms. Given that they're pretty difficult to do, the trying could certainly get in the way.

5. You rush into sex with your partner. The woman is not leaving herself enough time to get fully aroused and come to climax. Her orgasm ends up getting pushed aside during sex.

If any of these ring true, don't blame yourselves harshly. All men and women have problems with their partners at certain times in their lives.

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