Friday, December 22, 2006

Orgasm: Everything you've wanted to know

Everything you've wanted to know about orgasm and mm~mmm~ moremoremoremore . . .

“Orgasm: the peak, or climax, of sexual excitement and pleasure…” Sex A to Z

"Concentrated pleasure of the sexual…End Pleasure.” Cyclopedic Lexicon of Sex

“A series of muscular contractions of the pelvic floor muscles occurring at the peak of sexual arousal.” Our Sexuality

Orgasm is the shortest and strongest phase of the sexual response cycle. It is both the bang and the sprinkles of a firecracker.

“What freedom! What awakening!” “I ended with a huge smile on my face.” “The pleasant waves are beautiful.” “The simplest discovery about my body makes me happy.” “All I could think was I FEEL. The sensation was its own trip.” Sex for One.

Yep. If you have discovered the simple pleasure of orgasm, you have found an open door to the best entertainment in the universe. An orgasm is priceless in that it costs you nothing. An orgasm is brief which means that even if you do not have the time, there is time. An orgasm is almost always available because you need no one other than yourself. Take a few minutes in an unobtrusive place and Voila`, you will have given yourself a sweet gift of relaxation and happy feelings via the orgasm.

“Sometimes at work when my eyes are bugging out from typing and I feel numb and stiff, I’ll go into the bathroom, lock myself in the farthest stall, and masturbate quickly, reaching a sharp intense orgasm in a minute or two. I find that this jolt to my nervous system makes me feel better and more productive.” Sex for One

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if employees could be advised to take a Big O break? We may have fantasies about this very activity happening … like on the city bus at the end of a stressful workday… or on the way to work in the beginning of the day, too.

Orgasm is a curious subject because we do not discuss it often or openly. And yet we enjoy it tremendously. Orgasms are initiated at the very center of the human body and radiate outwardly to vibrate throughout the whole human system, and in effect, outwardly to the universe. The strong, pleasurable feelings of orgasm encourage reproduction and survival of the species and exist, joyously, for recreation as well. Yet, we still do not share much about it in our talk.

This simple thing, the orgasm, occurs when the responsive nerves and tissues in the genitals tingle and swell from continuous stroking of the area gently with the hand, a massager, a furry piece of cloth, or other sensuous materials including oils, lotions, natural secretions.

“The clitoris, …this small bud of flesh, is packed with sensitive nerve endings which respond to caresses.” Sacred Sexuality

“When I am alone and feel the need, I…turn on the vibrator with the rubber cup on the tip of my cock.” Sex for One

The glans, hood and shaft of the clitoris resemble a miniature penis. The whole complex organ of the clitoris consists of glans, shaft and hood, clitoral legs called crura, inner lips, hymen, and several bodies of erectile tissue that includes the clitoral bulbs, eurethral sponge and perineal sponge, various muscles, nerve endings and networks of blood vessels. The penis consists of nerves, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, three parallel cylinders of spongy tissue, as well as the root, which are the crura. College research has found that subjective descriptions of orgasm by men and women are indistinguishable.

Most of us have heard the descriptions, such as waves of euphoria, roller coaster ride, freefalling, momentary loss of wits, ecstasy… the poetry goes on. So, how do we take the ride, fall from the sky, and lose our wits? Start with patience and an “I will get there attitude.” Find a suitable place. Add music, a magazine or book, lotion, a massager or nothing and let the caresses begin. That is all there is to it. When you reach orgasm, you will know by the peak nerve response you feel.

Do this in front of a mirror. The mirror is not to see what your face does, but it is to study the amazing part of your body that is often kept in the dark ~ your genitalia.

By the way, the word orgasm comes from the Latin, ex orgao, that means to swell with lust. A good question, why is there only one word for such a multitudinous happening as an orgasm? And what about the overused word masturbate? Please take a Big O break and later think about new word ideas to use for this original happening.


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Friday, December 1, 2006

Anal Sex: Back door sex play

Anal sex is a different kind of sexual encounter which usually requires the individuals to be on extremely high trust and companionship. It requires caution and teamwork as it is a very sensitive area and not designed for sex.

When having anal sex be absolutely sure both parties are aware and willing as it may come as quite a surprise. When done right it can be a very good surprise and can add new "spark"

This advancement should be discussed and detailed before attempting. Lots and lots of lubrications should be used.

You should also work your way up to it by using a finger..two finger....penis etc. The sudden lunge may not be the most thought out plan.

Also plan for when during your session this should be done because it wouldn't be fun to have anal sex then oral sex for your partner (put the puzzle together!).

The anus on a man can be very sensitive and can work well to bring a man to orgasm however most men are very touchy about this area and wouldn't like the "action" and ask questions later routine. In the same capacity a woman can also be pleasured using this technique