Friday, December 1, 2006

Anal Sex: Back door sex play

Anal sex is a different kind of sexual encounter which usually requires the individuals to be on extremely high trust and companionship. It requires caution and teamwork as it is a very sensitive area and not designed for sex.

When having anal sex be absolutely sure both parties are aware and willing as it may come as quite a surprise. When done right it can be a very good surprise and can add new "spark"

This advancement should be discussed and detailed before attempting. Lots and lots of lubrications should be used.

You should also work your way up to it by using a finger..two finger....penis etc. The sudden lunge may not be the most thought out plan.

Also plan for when during your session this should be done because it wouldn't be fun to have anal sex then oral sex for your partner (put the puzzle together!).

The anus on a man can be very sensitive and can work well to bring a man to orgasm however most men are very touchy about this area and wouldn't like the "action" and ask questions later routine. In the same capacity a woman can also be pleasured using this technique

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