Monday, November 26, 2007

Masturbate Together

Masturbation is not just a solo sexual activity. It is also a means of sharing pleasure with your partner. Many people enjoy watching their partner masturbate, and gain pleasure in return from performing this activity for their partner. Masturbation also allows partners with different sex drives to feel satisfied within the relationship. You or your partner can masturbate separately or with each other to relieve sexual tension and attain sexual fulfillment when the other is unable/unwilling to engage in intercourse or sexual play. Ideally, masturbation should be just as much a part of partner sex as kissing and intercourse.

Unfortunately, many individuals have trouble masturbating in front of their partner. They believe masturbation is a solo or secretive act, which they feel embarrassed to share with others. Never pressure someone to perform something they do not want to. If you would like to have your partner masturbate for you, you need to talk to them about it.

Ask your partner how they feel about masturbation and, to be blunt, if they would like to perform for you. Make sure you thoroughly express your interest in the matter and, how erotic and exciting you think it would be. If your partner flat out says no, you should end the subject right there. If they are apprehensive, you may want to ask them how you could make he/she feel more comfortable about masturbating for you. If they say yes… have a good time.

On the subject of a partner whom says no, that is usually not the final answer; given the appropriate amount of time and the right situation. People are inherently sexual creatures and everyone enjoys sexual gratification; well almost everyone. If you allow your partner time to think about masturbating for you, they may warm-up to the idea. Leave the topic out of discussion for a period of time and then bring it back up. Try on your subsequent attempt to describe a fantasy/dream to your partner in which they are masturbating in front of you and how much that turned you on. Your partner wants to satisfy you sexually, always remember that.

The best way you can aid your partner is to actively satisfy yourself and not always expect them to satisfy your sexual needs.

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