Monday, November 26, 2007

Strip Tease for your Man

Have you ever been at a nightclub dancing, grinding away to the beat of the music knowing your partner is close behind you watching? Whether you are a man, or woman, we are sure you enjoyed the feeling, knowing your partner is soaking it all up. Yet most people leave this unique energy within the walls of a club.

We are talking about doing a strip tease for your partner, in the privacy of your own home. Think of the possibilities. You and your partner will together discovering each others hidden erotic side. The side that wants to please them visual with a dance, and maybe get one in return!

Why Dance

There are many reasons to learn to dance including boosting your own self-confidence, arousing yourself and your partner, and spicing up your love life. The best way to see how erotic dancing can help you is by comparing your usual routine to one you would be able to perform.

Your partner is coming home from work on the average day, if you feel up to it, you may prepare a dinner or maybe a bath, but how often do you really go beyond that… You end up wondering what ever happened to the great sex life you once had, and worse yet, start wondering what happened to the spark you once had.

Rather then accepting this fate, you have the power to bring back the excitement you had in the first kiss you shared!

Using Dance

Your husband will be home from work in 30 minutes. You jump out of the shower, dry your hair, and slip into the sweet little number he bought you last Christmas. Smiling in the mirror, you are already getting excited knowing this will be the first time he's seen you wear it, plus you will be treating him to a dance like no other.

Checking the CD player, filling a small bowl with ice, and opening your favorite bottle of wine, are you almost set. Your make-up is perfect, the natural way he loves it, so sit back, sip your wine, and run your dance through in your mind.

Visualize your husband walking in the door, and you whispering in his ear, "put down your suitcase and don't talk". As he stands back up gently blindfold him with a tie, and guide him to the couch, or that big puffy chair. Press play on the stereo, and let the music take care of the rest. Move his hands towards your legs, so he can feel your soft skin.

Bring them a little higher and let his fingertips caress the material of his favorite lingerie. Relax as much as you can, taking it one beat at a time, and slowing undo his blindfold. Once it's off, he will soak up the view, seeing you dancing slowly just a foot away, and the bottle of wine with two glasses.

Keep moving, offering him a glass, and slide your body to the floor. Still you have had little contact with him, making this experience linger as long as possible. Lying on your back, you arch your chest up. Do you then slide the lingerie off, and run ice over your body?

Or you stand up, and move towards him, rubbing your body against his so he can smell your clean, fresh skin? Maybe you want some eye candy yourself, so you unbutton his shirt, and open it wide, revealing his chest. This dance is all yours, and always will be.

You can even have him return the favor!

Learning to Dance

Whether it is due to a lack of self-confidence, or not knowing how to begin, dancing exotically for a partner can be a very intimidating experience. If only you knew a professional that could help teach you some basic moves and instructions, you could be dancing confidently in less the a couple weeks…

Well, unlike everywhere else on this site where we tell you that it takes practice and communication, you are in luck!

Male Erotic Dancing

Surprise your Lady with a Dance!

Have you ever been one of those guys, standing up against the wall at a club watching all the other dancing and grinding with the ladies? Have you ever wished you could be the one mesmerizing all the talent on the dance floor? It is no secret that confidence has always been the missing ingredient to get you out there shaking it… Now you can have the confidence to dance with your wife, girlfriend, or even some hot girl already dancing.

Call it erotic dancing, dirty dancing, or even just grinding, but sending the right signals on the dance floor can be the difference between being invited for a special after-party and the usual jacking beats that you’ve become used to. A dancing partner can sense your rhythm, and gage your sexual ability by the way you dance! By learning just a few basic moves, you can dramatically increase your batting average, or start rekindling the excitement in your relationship.

Why not change how you think you are, and be who you really are! Virtually every guy has the ability to make a women feel like a little girl again, they just let their inhibitions stand in the way. By setting a few evenings aside for practice, you will not only gain the confidence to get on the dance floor, but even be able to put on a private show for your girl.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, may we suggest the art of exotic dancing volume 6, male exotic dancing. Although this video is geared a towards training professionals, shaking it like the pros is definitely the way to go.

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