Sunday, December 2, 2007

Erotic Ideas: Finding out what turns them on


A person can be romantic in a variety of ways. It extremes from fancy gifts to little gestures or soft spoken words. They key is to have something special and potentially unique between the two of you.

Flattery- As much as people deny it almost everyone likes to be flattered. Telling them how good they look and how much they mean to you are great means of communication and can often lead to trust and security. Ideas on how to improve flattery are doings things like keeping certain words sacred and only using them on special occasions.

The biggest example of this is the phrase, "I love you" which can be brought out to enhance sensations. Just ordinary words, like beautiful or amazing can be chosen as sacred and therefore become special in your relationship. Careful though, as too much can seem annoying or false.

Gestures- Simple gestures can be known to make any relationship more romantic. Symbolic gestures can replace hard-said words in public and are easily done unnoticeably. For instance, telling your partner you are thinking how beautiful they are by tapping your index finger twice during an important meetings, events etc. Using another special form of communication with your partner can spice up the relationship. It gives the two of you something special that he/she may not have with others.

Objects- Certain objects have been considered romantic in there nature and can be used as such. These include things like fire, candle, the color red, doves, etc. You get the idea. Try experimenting with all sorts of these objects in different settings, atmospheres and moods. Remember making an ordinary day special to someone is the foundation of romance. You are trying to "sweep" these people off their feet with your charm, and elegance. If you aren't charming, watch a Bond movie but leave the guns out of it.

Trips- Taking surprise trips together are the basis for adding new memories and life to a relationship. You could take long vacations, but a simple surprise day trip to a nearby city can be an inexpensive way to get the same result. It's basically a change of atmosphere for like dinner or shopping. This trip puts you to together in a strange place where you are forced to rely on each other because you don't know everyone and their dog.


These ideas can be a simple as eating candlelight dinner naked or planning an evening of whip cream. The concept is simple, take normal every day events and add some simple changes to make them romantic or special. Little things, like bringing a flower when picking up your husband/wife at work, can make a big difference. On the flip side, renting a limo and picking them up from work with champagne can also leave quite an impression. It's not hard to make simple changes to normal daily events that transform them into memories.

Try doing something together on a regular basis that can be counted on by both to be accomplished no matter what the status of the relationship. An example being that every Sunday you go for a walk in the park whether you are fighting etc. This kind of activity can provide stability and a sense of security to any relationship.

Set some time aside with your partner and tell them that you would like to kiss every square inch of their body Or you can try and see how much of a tease you can be and see if they can hold out. Simple experimentation can go along way.

Adding things like wine and fruit to a sexual encounter can usually highlight the moment. The way to do that is left simply to your imagination!

Finding out what turns them on is a good investment. If you are turned on by black underwear and perfume then nothing is more powerful that a partner hitting you in the soft spot.

Role playing can often lead to experiences that will not be forgotten. Playing out fantasy's and roles such as being the Police or Tarzan can give people a sensation of difference from the normal you have been doing. Who knows, maybe you can climb trees and swing from vines... in either case you can take this just in imagination or dress up. The possibilities are yours to discover.

What about the idea of placing flower pedals all over the bed and a champagne bottle on the side. Apparently this one goes over extremely well.

Using at trail of notes and music leading to the bathroom tub can provide nice suspense while the real "kicker" comes with the candles, bubbles and your new silk boxers.

Don't forget the occasional fruit dessert courtesy of your partner can be added fire to an already lit candle. Almost all fruit does well especially strawberries... mmmmmm.

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