Sunday, December 2, 2007

Penis Size: Many Guys Are Dying To Know How Their Dick Compares To Others


Alright the question comes up all over the place and many guys are dying to know how their dick compares to others. Well there's two ways to find out. The first and most popular way is to check the stats here and believe us or you can take the second approach. You figure it out. I stick with the first.

Keep in mind that in most cases, pending the severe , size does not matter. It's how you use your friend that determines how the job is accomplished. However, as mentioned above, there are "pickles" that are either too large or small reducing the ability to pleasure a women. With this in mind, these people may have to look at combining efforts to meet standards so to speak. An example of this is using manual stimulation at the same time as intercourse.

Another point to remember is that when girls talk about a "big dick" they can be referring to both length or width. The majority seem to

find bigger width more pleasurable. Putting the puzzle together for you, this means your dong may be 4 inches long but your gift in width will be able to rock Mt. St. Helens with little effort.

The average length of a penis when erect is between 5-6 inches long. The average girth of a penis is between 3.5 and 4.5 inches. These are rough averages but you have been probably told already that there are no "right" sizes for a penis.

Apparently if you are really dissatisfied with the size there are certain options you can take. One of them is surgery to make your penis longer. Keep in mind that they get the extra skin etc from somewhere... Another option is using natural methods. WARNING! The following ideas are not being promoted by us. They are by stretching and doing exercises. In the past some claimed that they could grow their penis by stretching etc. You do as you will but we are in no way promoting this...hee hee. It wouldn't be that much help hurting yourself down there. The last major method, which makes for temporary growth, is the purchase of a pump that can provide a big penis for intercourse etc. Go crazy if you feel you need this.


Now moving on to the female sizes we understand that there is also differences. Some men like different things. An example is a lot of men go and fantasize for big breasts. At the same time however we also hear quotes like "..anything more than a handful is a waste... "proving that the average breast can be justt as enticing. Even smaller hard breasts are know to be eye catchers. The basic idea is that guys dig cleavage. So go for that look when dressed to impress.

If you are really worried about the size of your breasts there are surgeries that are becoming more popular. They will probably attract lots of men but as yourself are these men really keepers. If the guy likes you he is going to like your breasts... problem solved.

The underlying principle of all this is basically stating that whatever you've got, there are ways you can put it to good use. Hopefully in the other pages of this site you can learn how this is accomplished. The key to being a great lover does not lie in how big your "parts" are (although it may help) it lies in what you do with what you've got.

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