Sunday, December 28, 2008

Advanced Exotic Straight Sex Positions

Sex positions using common furniture items

It is highly recommended that couples try making love using some common furniture items (table, chair, sofa, etc.), which adds greatly to the variety and excitement of sex life.

The woman can lie comfortably on her back on the table and spread out her legs upwards, so that he can penetrate her easily standing near the edge of the table. This is a very comfortable position and the penetration is very easy. The man can support her legs with his hands. He can stimulate her genitals gently while thrusting. She will get moved around quite a lot in this position, therefore the man has to make sure she feels comfortable, for example, her head is not banging on the wall.

"Seated positions" are the first positions to try using a chair. The man has to sit own on a chair. The woman can lower herself on his penis by sitting down onto his lap. She can sit down on his penis facing him, facing away or sideways. In the face-to-face seated position the penetration is quite deep, and the position is highly erotic, especially for a woman due to high friction, which stimulates her clitoris. When facing away, the woman is the one to set tempo and she can take away some of her body weight by leaning forward a bit. In sideways position the penetration angle is not very deep and this position is mainly good for fooling around. It is very convenient for a man to reach and stimulate her genitals in the sideways seated position, which she will enjoy a lot.

Men will find themselves very passive in all seated positions and are highly unlikely to reach orgasm in this way. The woman however can reach orgasm, especially, in face-to-face seated position, which she is likely to enjoy very much. In the other seated positions, however, without additional stimulation by hand the woman is unlikely to climax either.

Tao positions

Taoists paid special attention to aesthetic pleasure from lovemaking. Therefore Tao positions can be regarded as beautiful sex for beautiful people, well, at least a beautiful woman.

In a "Two fishes" position partners have to lie side-by-side facing each other. After he penetrates her, he has to lift her legs onto his. Apparently, there will not be very much activity in this position, yet couples may find it interesting to try.

"Mandarin ducks" position is a rear entry position with both partners lying on their sides. According to Taoist book it is a very seductive way of having sex, when a man slips his penis into her vagina with her lying relaxingly (an erotic way to wake her up), but there are very little movements as if nothing is happening. In this position a woman can stimulate her breasts and nipples as he thrusts, and a man caress her body with his upper hand.

"Butterflies in flight" is woman-on-top position with both partners' legs kept together. In this position the woman controls the rhythm and his movements are very limited. This position allows for very close and sensual body contact.

In "Seagulls on the wing" position the woman lies back on the bed with her legs down over the edge of the bed. The man kneels down on the floor and enters her from a kneeling position. The advantage of this position is the unique penetration angle. In this position his penis and her vagina are parallel, which induces a high penetration angle, while in most other man-on-top positions the man thrusts downwards.

"The pine tree" position is excellent for men with shorter penis. A couple can arrive at this position from the common man-on-top position. He should pull himself up and towards her to arrive at different penetration angle. She raises her legs and wraps them around his back. This position allows for deep penetration and the woman can pull herself towards the man with her legs.

In "The galloping horse" position the man sits down on his knees and pulls the woman (lying on her back) onto his knees. The man thrusts while holding onto her neck and foot like a bareback rider clinging to the mane and tail of a speeding horse.

Simple exotic positions

"The first posture" is very similar to missionary man-on-top position. He should lift his whole body on his hands and legs. The woman should hold her hands around his hands and lift her legs to embrace his buttocks. A man with a long penis can adjust the length of penetration in this position easily in order to avoid her discomfort.

"Vine intertwined" is the same as "Upper scissors" position described under side-by-side positions.

"The one who stops at home" is an unusual man on top position. Lying on her back, the woman tenses and raises her bottom and swivels her hips as she thrusts upward. He should follow her movements and make sure his penis does not slip out. She should rest her weight on her shoulders, preferably leaning onto soft pillows.

"The sixth posture" is a kneeling rear entry position. The man can reach and stimulate her genitals with his one free hand, while supporting his weight with the other.

In a "One leg up" position a woman should lie on her back and raise her one leg. He should kneel down in order to enter her. In this position it is convenient for her to reach and rhythmically massage or squeeze his penis.

"A phoenix playing in a red cave" is a position when the man sits down keeping his legs together and she sits on his lap facing him. Both the man and the woman can either hold to each other or lean back supporting themselves with hands. This is a very deep penetration position. The movements of both partners are quite limited in this position, therefore the man is unlikely to reach orgasm in this position, but women will enjoy this position very much due to friction and active stimulation of the clitoris with his body.

To arrive at "The goat and the tree" position he should sit down on a chair-like object. The woman then sits on his lap with her back to his front. The woman can spread her legs for easier penetration and better access to her clitoris. The man's movements in this position will be very limited, but his hands are free to caress her breast and clitoris. Without additional stimulation of her clitoris the woman is unlikely to reach orgasm in this position.

Advanced exotic techniques

"Frog fashion"

In "The crying out position" a man has to sit down with his legs slightly spread out. A woman sits between his legs facing him. She lifts her legs over his elbows so that it is convenient for him to lift her. Then the man lifts her and moves her from side to side. She can also support her weight by leaning back on her hands.

"The tenth posture" requires the man to kneel between her legs and over her body. The woman then lifts her bottom so that his penis can penetrate her vagina. She can initiate the movement and the partners can rock their bodies in a comfortably cozy fashion.

"Butterfly" position scores the highest marks in sex quality and satisfaction. A couple will have to take some time to adjust comfortably for this position. You need to find a place (such as high bed or low table) where a woman can comfortably lie down on her back so that her vagina is approximately 30 cm lower than his penis while the man is standing in front of her. Then the woman should put her legs on his shoulders and raise her bottom so that her back is straight, and her vagina meets the penis. The man should support her back by holding her buttocks. The penetration angle in the butterfly position is deep and such that it allows his penis to reach the G-spot and the woman has a great feeling of "weightlessness" in this position, which makes it one of the most unforgettable positions for her. Lovemaking can be either very sensuous or energetic in this position.

Concluding remarks

Which sexual positions a couple uses depends solely on the partners. It will become obvious to loving couples, which type of stimulation is most enjoyed by the other partner. Partners can only gain from experimenting with unfamiliar positions, just because people like new things. No matter what is said or written your own satisfaction and physical comfort are the key determinants of your sex life, just don't be afraid to ask your partners for something new. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Women and Anal Sex: The Forbidden Zone of Pleasure

There's an area of a woman's body that is a secret erogenous zone, and there are a lot of guys who still haven't discovered it, or know how to use it. This place is a woman's anus.

That's right, her ass.

There are a large number of nerve endings in the rectum, making it a prime target for sexual stimulation. There is even a theory that a woman is sexually aroused by practically any kind of stimulation in a zone around her genitalia. Adding a little erotic attention to her backside can reap you a whopper of an orgasm that will have her begging to repeat the pleasure.

If she's ready and has had anal sex before, chances are you can just let her tell you how to start the proceedings. But if she hasn't tried taking any penetration back there, you need to work into it slowly.

Keep in mind, there are some important things to be aware of when you start heading towards her back door:

- First, always ask before you explore. You can do this in a very gentle way, such as putting your finger close by and asking "Do you mind, or do you prefer not?" You can also do this without asking by just running your fingers down her butt when she's on top of you. Tease your way very close, but not quite touching her anus. This is a kind of hint. Now, watch and feel for her body language. If she stops moving, or tenses up when you get close, she may have issues, and you should stop and talk about it again later. If, instead, she perks her little booty up in the air and grinds, she's probably indicating some interest.

(I've found that if you're already in a sexual relationship with a woman, you can usually just jokingly bring the topic up about a 'friend' of yours and see what her reaction is. Every woman I've ever done this with has made her feelings known right away about this.)

- Always use some kind of lubrication. Always.

- It’s always painful until she relaxes, so go VERY slowly. Start by just pressing on her butt with your fingertip, rubbing it slowly. Then, use your pinky finger to penetrate and go from there. It's actually more important to not penetrate too deep than it is to use too fat a finger. Her sphincter muscle closes at several points, and it's painful to go too deep without warning.

- Never use the same finger, toy, whatever, on both her butt and the vagina. This is exceptionally bad hygiene that will likely give her a UTI (Urinary tract infection.) Not pretty or fun, and you don’t want her cursing your name every time she has to scream when peeing. Be clean. And make absolutely sure to wash your hands afterwards.

A lot of women like stimulation in the posterior, and yet they are also torn, believing the stigma that anal stimulation or sex is filthy and degenerate. (There are still laws on the books of many states against sodomy - the act of anal sex.) If this is your taste and not hers, respect her wishes and stay away. You’ll find that if you do well in pleasing her in other areas, she may get curious later on, and it could lead to working her up to some anal sex at a later point as well.

[And worth mention here... Last minute tip on giving a woman oral sex - intensify the clit-licking you're giving her by slipping a finger into her anus. This sends most women over the edge!]

Monday, December 22, 2008

Anal Sex: How To Enter, Analingus, Positions

Overview of Anal Sex

No man can deny he has not been curious about anal sex. As opposed to straight sex, which practically all men enjoy, anal sex experience differs greatly from man to man. If you learn to do it comfortably, every man will love anal sex. The key things about anal sex are lubrication and, yes, tenderness.

Many women dislike anal sex simply because it hurts, but it should not be the case, and if done correctly women are likely to find it enjoyable and appealing. The greatness of anal sex lies in the fact that stimulating anus greatly enhances the body's erotic perception. Most people that have tried anal sex are surprised by the extremely strong sexual sensation it provides. A good lover can make the woman climax in anal sex by stimulating her genitals with hand, and that feeling will be something special for her.

Anal sex is good for spicing up a sex life for boring sex and good relationship is not something that comes together. Anal sex provides uniquely different feelings for both partners and both physically and in mind. Although anal sex is usually associated with roughness and harshness, it should generally be loving and gentle.

It is most recommended that you use condom in anal sex, even if you are absolutely sure that your partner has no diseases. Due to natural reasons there are a lot of bacteria in her ass that can make his penis swell and catch infection. Condom would also help you to gather semen, which a woman might fear be able to mess up her ass.

Be sure to use lubricants if you are going for anal sex. It is highly recommended that you read the guide's section about lubricants before you commence. If you are too lazy, however, remember to use water-based lubricant, which is compatible with condom.

How to enter

First penetration is the most difficult part of anal sex for the man is most likely to find her anus very tight and it is very likely for her to hurt a little or a lot depending on the skill of her lover. There is no easy advice around it. If the man is a caring and curious lover, he can ask her to enter a finger or two in his anus to get a much better understanding how it feels for her than any written advice can give.

The key in penetration is in tenderness and slowness. The anal sex will not be any good and will hurt if her ass will be tense. The man can start off with slowly sliding a well-lubricated finger inside her ass. The anus of the woman is likely to tense and relax in a more or less random fashion reacting to the presence of the external body. The man has to move the finger slowly both when sliding it in and pulling out, allowing her to adjust and relax.

The man should consider the size of his penis relative to the finger. Perhaps, he can allow her adjust to two fingers, after starting off with one. Then the man has to put the tip of his well-lubricated penis (preferably in condom) at her anus and slowly penetrate it. No rush and no quick movements, and it will work greatly.

Anal sex should not be very long, especially, until the woman's body is quite used to this kind of activity, simply because it will start to swell and hurt for her. With time however, her ass will get used to thrusting and feel very comfortably during anal sex.

About analingus

One other part of the body that some people enjoy licking, or having licked, is the anus. The anus has half the nerve endings in the pelvic region and many people find touching it to be sexually arousing. Although we haven't mentioned safer sex yet as part of this series, we will here: the anus and rectum carry many diseases that live quite benignly in your lower digestive tract, but which can be harmful in your mouth or stomach. Performing anilingus is a very risky behavior for a variety of bacterial infections. Refer to the section on safer sex techniques for ways to protect yourself if you or your partner enjoys this activity.

Anal Sex Positions

For actual intercourse, picking a position can be important. Many women want to be on top, to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Other like to lie on their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style, or to be penetrated while lying on their sides. Choose what's best before you start.

As always, control yourself. Take your time and use lots of lubricant. People who like anal sex say that "too much lube is almost enough." Listen to her -- if she tells you it starts to hurt, back off.

Eventually, a time will come during your lovemaking where her anus will relax enough to allow the head of your cock to 'pop' into her. If she is completely relaxed, that pop should feel completely painless. Now just because you're inside her is no reason to start pounding away like mad. Let her body adjust. Take your time. Eventually you will both be ready for more.

Anal sex is usually considered a 'nasty' sex and loving partners can make the best meaning of it. Good luck (you will need it much more than with straight sex)!

Work your way up to it -- as with any sex, it is often best to start out gradually, even away from errogenous zones completely. Remember how you used to fool around for hours before sex? It was pretty exciting, wasn't it. Anyway, even after you've gotten to the erogenous zones, you might consider performing cunnilingus/fellatio on them first. Simply work your way downward from there toward her anus, gradually.

An oil-based lubricant like Vaseline is advisable here, though not really for lubrication, simply because it's that final protection from any smell/taste you might worry about. Of course, you might not mind, but it was worth mentioning in case you did.

No matter what position you're using, your hands, or your partner's will probably be necessary to make access easier. You have far more control and better contact if their butt-cheeks are spread away from their actual anus.

What exactly to do, tongue-at-anus, varies a lot from person to person. Some prefer a light flicking, gently licking around the center, or gently pushing at it. Some prefer a deeper probing, with your tongue held rigid and pushed firmly inside.

Another method is to widen your tongue to apply pressure over the entire outside area...this is often much more stimulating than you'd imagine. Yet another good idea is to try firmly licking, or even sucking on, the perinium (the area between the anus and genitals.

The best method would be to combine all of these, and pay close attention to what your lover enjoys most. As in all sex, you would get them to believe in giving you a lot of feedback/signals, whether moaning, thrashing about, talking...whatever they are most comfortable with. They should increase or decrease this with their pleasure, so that you can learn what they like (it is different from person to person, this may be the most important secret of sex).

If you're going to engage in this for a long time, especially if you won't be switching back and forth between analingus and cunnilingus for texture, you probably will want to provide some stimulation to their genitals, as analingus is a pretty mild form of contact that probably won't bring them to orgasm, or even keep them heavily stimulated, all by itself.

However, remember that using your hands for stimulating her genitals will leave you short-handed for keeping her cheeks spread, so it is better to stimulate her genitals while you are in a comfortable position to freely thrust your penis in her ass.

Sex Positions 101: Because Missionary Style is Boring

The Jigsaw Jackknife

How to do it: When she's lying on her side, lie down facing her. Then straddle her bottom leg and rest her top leg around your waist. You should fit together like, um, two puzzle pieces.

Tip: To maximize your momentum, grab her thigh like the oar of a slave galley and pull her against you when you thrust.

Amanda, 24, says: "He can pull me open by raising my leg higher and give me everything he's got. But, the best is when he slowly rotates his hips in a circle, like he's stirring me."

Brian says: I've never tried this one before, but it doesn't look very comfortable. My lower body would probably fall asleep, which is a bad thing. A VERY bad thing.

The Praying Mantis

How to do it: Find a spot for her to sit on that's about one foot lower than your pelvis . (Think: hood of a car, the boss' desk...) Stand at the edge, lean her back, and let her feet rest on your shoulders. Hoist her butt up with your hands so that her back forms a straight line, her pelvis is tilted upward, and your crotches are shaking hands.

Tip: Give her a bonus shot of ecstasy by encouraging her to dial "O".

Frances, 27, says: "The only time I've ever had multiple orgasms was in this position. There's something about him grabbing my ass..."

Brian says: Just the thought of fucking a girl on top of my boss' desk is turning me on right now!!
Sara, 28, says: "This is way better than the missionary position because we're lined up more evenly, so every move rubs my clit."

Brian says: I've never tried this one and I doubt I will ever do. It just looks too close-up, which is good in a way but not TOO close. I don't think I want the girl to see my eyes all rolled back when I cum.

The Cherry Push-Up

How to do it: Slide two or four inches up from missionary, but with your legs on the outside. Cup your arms around her shoulders and lie flat against her. She tilts her pelvis up, which creates a more erotic up-and-down motion.

Tip: If she wants you to fish in deeper waters, she can spread her inner thighs wider and wrap her ankles around your calves.

The Humpty-Rumpty

How to do it: She lies on her stomach, keeping her legs together. Straddle her. To make your grand entrance easier, hold her ass deliciously up, so her belly's pressed into the mattress. Slip into her and lean on your forearms for support.

Tip: If you can't get the right angle, slide a big pillow under her lower body so that she's sloped in the right direction.

Cynthia, 29, says: "He's so close to me that he can whisper nasty things to me or nibble on my ear. I love that we can be so sensual and intimate, and at the same time he's grinding me."

Brian says: This position looks way too tricky for me. It also looks like the guy on top is raping the girl on the bottom, the way their bodies joined together. However, I do like the "dirty talks" aspect. "Oh yeah, oh baby you're so tight oh yeah!!!" [wry laugh]

Brian says: This one is hard [no pun intended] for me when I tried it. After a few minutes of thrusting, my knees got all chafed up from the carpet. However if you aim slightly upward as you thrust in you'll most likely hit the G-spot. Yay?

The Jackhammer

How to do it: Have her sit on the edge of a chair or couch, legs spread, and have her lean back. Kneel in front of her and throw her feet over your shoulders. When you enter her Bermuda Triangle, your pelvis should be slightly higher than hers for maximum downward thrust. Commence drillin'.

Tip: If the couch is too high, kneel on the edge of it to straddle her. Grab the sofa for leverage.

Nicole, 24, says: "This is not a gentle 'making love' kind of position. This is my favorite way of getting it on because you're at an angle whree a guy really has to give it to you."

The Dirty Santa

How to do it: Park yourself in an armless chair that's narrow enough for her to comfortably straddle. (Avoid wicker, unfinished wood, or any other chair with a surface that has potential to pinch, splinter, or chafe your rump roast.) Then let her hop on your pogo stick and bounce up and down to her heart's content.

Tip: Keep your feet together and tilt your hips upward--this angling gives her a good grinding surface to work against.

Rachel, 25, says: "I don't know any woman who doesn't like the naughty feeling of mounting her man while he's in the sitting position. It's like an X-rated lap dance."

Brian says: This is my favorite sex position of all. It just feels so intimate when a girl straddles your body while you're sitting down and grinds her hip against yours. You can control how fast and how deep she grinds by grabbing her ass and moving her body with yours. With practice, it is possible to thrust upward in a rhythm, or move your lower body side to side and back and forth to further stimulate her clit and G-spot [provided that you can FIND where that blasted thing is]. As an added bonus, her breasts should be bouncing in front of your face. Hint hint...

Brian says: This looks boring, and I think it'll take me forever to cum. If a girl straddles then rock back and forth slowly, the legs tends to fall asleep. I'd try it, but I doubt that I will like it. Once again, it is VERY important that your lower body doesn't fall asleep in the middle of sex.

The Wobbly Wheelbarrow

How to do it: Sit upright with your legs outstretched, then have her straddle your lap and positions her legs behind your back. It helps if you lean against something, such as a wall or a headboard. Have her lift her lower body off the bed onto your lap, leaning back onto her hands for support. Then cast your rod slightly downward to meet her port of entry.

Tip: Give an assist by cupping her butt and pulling her toward you.

Molly, 27, says: "I'm in control of 'how deep' and 'how fast' in this position. I'm a huge fan of the rocking motion, because he doesn't get overexcited...and lasts longer."

Girl on the Side

How to do it: With the two of you lying on your sides, spoon her from behind (don't gag--it gets better). Have her wrap her legs around you. Then slide in, and slowly thrust.

Tip: To create a tighter container for you and more friction for her, keep her top leg pressed down with your arm.

Laura, 29, says: "This one's a winner because he's rubbing all the right places from behind, but you're cuddling at the same time."
Brian says: I think this one should be reserved for those oh-so-romantic moments in a relationship. You know, gag-fests such as Valentine's night, anniversaries, wedding night, etc etc. I would try it though, because both person gets what they want--the guy gets sex while the girl gets the cuddling.


How to do it: You lie on your back and she kneels on top of you. Make the connection.

Tip: To make insertion easier and add a touch of eroticism, lick her fingers and have her rub your tip. After contact, push her forward or back to get the right grip for your ballcarrier. Top o' the Morning

Jenny, 26, says: "I like being on top not only because I get to do things my way but because I love seeing his agony/ecstasy face when I go fast, then slow, teasing him the whole way."

Brian says: I learned the hard way that giving the girl too much freedom during sex is a bad thing--they will torture you by bucking and and down, then stopping completely right before you're about to cum. Lay there like a log if you dare, I don't recommend it though.


How to do it: With your woman on all fours, enter her from behind. In slow thrusts, move in and out of her, gradually increasing your speed, then alternating between slow and fast pace to build her O-ticipation.

Tip: Spread her legs wider for deeper penetration. Don't just grab onto her ass and pump away--do something with your hands. Lightly pinch her nipples or let her suck on your fingers. No air guitar--if she catches you in the mirror, you're toast.

Rebecca, 28, says: "What I like most is that it's a very primal position. I love being spun around and humped like an animal. I feel so vulnerable, but it's so hot."

Brian says: It's a reaaaaally bad idea to bark like a real dog while you're humping your woman from behind in this position. Feel like a porno-star though.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Muff Divers Of The World: Your woman may never let you go

If you really love getting into your woman's body, all of it, and are willing to employ the single most important talent that any man can possess, Finesse, then stay right here and read on for this female's perspective on what it is about oral sex that makes a woman go weak in the knees and groan . . . for real!

You gotta really love eatin' pussy! If you are turned off by the smell, the texture, the discharge of the natural lubrication of this area or any other aspect of this act, don't feel bad. Oral sex is NOT for everyone. You should never do what you dislike even when you really want to please your mate. It will backfire in the end because, eventually, one party will begin to dread the initiation of the experience and this turns into a major bummer.

There is nothing worse than a woman gagging on a cock or a man getting grossed out by his tongue in a woman's vagina. It's a total turn-off for both parties and ultimately not worth the effort.

The great thing about oral sex is that you can look like a Poindexter and still be brilliant sexually! It doesn't matter how big you are, how hard your cock is, how broad your shoulders are, or how gorgeous your face is. Go for it, guys, and any woman of like mind can be yours!

Get Ready.
Sure, you guys have read all there is to read about foreplay. But what about foreplay before oral sex? Do all those things you love to do: kiss and fondle her breasts, make her feel that she is Venus On The Half-Shell, kiss her deeply and passionately, run your hands over all of her . . . EXCEPT her genitals. Think of this area as a wonderful exotic flower that only you can open and control. DO NOT ram, bam, slurp, or suck this area. Finesse is the key word.

Any area inside the thighs is highly erogenous. Be creative! Use your loving mouth, tongue, and lips on the areas surrounding her genitals. Be gentle. Caress and worship every connecting part of her anatomy. Take your time and really get into this. Wait until you see how hard your cock gets when your woman really starts to get aroused.

Get Set.
Keep moving. Establish a natural rhythm. Be sensitive to the way your woman's body is responding to you. If you are enjoying what you are doing, there is no way your woman won't know it. What a turn on! Remember, men, all the secrets of the universe are there before you. If you rush or become too rough, you are bound to miss the best a woman has to offer. Think of the spreading petals of a precious flower. Lift her buttocks and spread her legs ever wider. Remember, you are as gentle as spring rain and she is yielding to your every move.

When neither of you can stand it any longer, use your tongue as if it was a feather. Touch her vagina lightly, licking the labia and finding the vaginal opening. Sure, stick your tongue in and out, but remember, the REAL thing is still waiting for your mouth. Be gentle. You are not eating watermelon. This part of a woman's body is so very sensitive. Don't ruin everything you've accomplished up to this point by becoming brutal or rough.

When you sense the time is right, move to the clitoris. How will you know when the time is right? Different women give different signals. A dead giveaway is when your partner tries to position herself so that your mouth can find her. If you are properly into this act and you are in tune with each other, it is pretty hard not to know. Let her guide you and take her direction willingly. You won't be sorry.

Stimulation of the clitoris is what brings a woman to orgasm. You are now at the point where the flower is there for you and you are exerting a certain amount of power and control. Treat your woman right. Flick your tongue quickly and rhythmically against her clitoris. Use your tongue to make wide and sensual strokes from the vaginal opening to the clitoris, where you might want to linger and manipulate her a little longer, then repeat the stroking.

You can't miss! At this point, you're a natural and she will come .. . hard. And probably more than once if you continue to keep her properly stimulated.

What a treat for both of you. Simultaneous oral sex is divine too, but a certain amount of control must be exerted so that neither party gets hurt in the heat of your final moments. This most intimate and loving of sexual experiences can be a double-edged sword. If you do it right, she may never let you go! A man who knows how to give great oral sex is worth his weight in gold! I promise, you will get it back ten-fold.

Hats Off To Cocksuckers

Hats off to the cocksuckers of the world. They make guys feel good often at some discomfort to themselves. I love and respect the women who have sucked my cock and treat them well. I have never seen it as a one-way street and I always (try to) return the favor.
Here's the way I like it. Yes, the hard-on's gotta be there. I never ask a girl to stick my soft-off in her mouth. Sometimes I gotta suck some tit or kiss some ass first, but I do and make sure it's rock-hard and exciting before I stick it in her mouth. It's not just a feeling, it's a whole experience.

I like a good view of the lips and the cock. It turns me on a lot more when she doesn't handle my cock, but keeps the whole thing visible to me. Look me in the eye with a look dripping with sex. IT'S TRUE, you can have a cock in your mouth and NOT look sexy. Act like your turned-on. Better yet, relax and get really turned on.

Slurp it up. I think the French say, "The more noise you make, the more you are enjoying your culinary delights." Works for me!

Let's get the odors floatin'. Play around a little first. I think pheromones are the fundamental turn-on and most of us don't even know it. Personally, burying my nose in a sweet pussy while I'm gettin' sucked off is a little distracting, but sometimes I get so into the pussy that I kinda (really only kinda) forget about the blowjob. The wonderfulness of the pussy raises my interest to the max and squirt-squirt I cum about that pussy ten times harder than I would without the blowjob. A fantastic way to enjoy a pussy and I think the smell is the key.

A delicate subject among the ladies. I've had it land in my mouth when I was beatin off in bed. Ka-tooie! I can see how you'd get used to it, but it will never be ambrosia. (Thanks again, Cocksuckers!) Back to the subject - do some kissin' or that trick that gets your perfume all over me.

I've had hundreds of blowjobs from hundreds of ladies (I do hookers). Most feel great, some hurt, and some are boring. GET INTO IT. Being delicate with a cock doesn't make sense. Get some suction going. Keep your teeth outta the way until you learn how to use them. For me, anyway, get as much cock meat into your mouth as you can. Don't just suck his cock. Make love to it like you want it to shoot and you can't wait.

It's a whole experience. You might be 'willing' to take a cock in your mouth, but that's not enough in the 00's where lousy blowjobs are a reality. There's a major message here:

"The best I blowjob I ever had was from the girl that liked it the most herself."

That's no bullshit. Girls who really wanna suck and fuck are the biggest turn-ons of all. I suspect this is true for virtually all men.

It's a rotten macho-women-hater's word that pretends to disrespect women who like sex. Many of the women I have known want to please their man (or men), but don't want to cast themselves as some kinda whore. Don't do that! There's no such thing as a whore (if I'm wrong, then the truth is we are all whores). Get into it. Get the negligees. Get the oils. Turn the lights on. Throw the covers back. Strut your stuff. Smother him with your tits. Get naked. Get down!

p.s. If you're hooked up with a whoremongerin macho asshole, I don't care how handsome and big and popular he is, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE AND GO ENJOY YOUR OWN LIFE!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Penis envy: Ladies, you have a penis of your own for 24 hours.

Ladies, you have a penis of your own for 24 hours. Besides THE OBVIOUS, what will you do with that bad boy?

I'll lead. Try on boxers and briefs to see which I preferred. Take a piss and see what's so hard about shaking off that last drop. Wear tight jeans and see which leg It will hang down. Wear a jock strap and see what it feels like with something in it. Stand up naked with a hard-on and see if I fall forward. Give myself a handjob and see if I'm left-handed that way too. Lay in a tub of water and see if It floats. Write my name in the snow. Try to make It swing in a figure-eight pattern. Bestow a name on It. Measure It. See if I can give myself a blowjob (hey, Ron Jeromy can do it!). Strut my stuff like a Chippendale. Stick It in a vacuum cleaner hose to see what's the big attraction. Go take a leak in a men's bathroom and check out the other guys' equipment. Try on a condom. Hide it between my legs and see if I look like a girl.

Anna H. I would get all dressed up in a nice, slinky, black dress with lots of cleavage showing (I am assuming I get to keep my breasts although I would be happy to take a break from them for a few hours) and put on a pair of black thigh high stockings (assuming that Mr. Wiggly would be rather cramped in my normal pair of Hanes Control Top pantyhose). I'd put on some rather dramatic makeup, fluff my hair, and and put on a pair of heels.

Then I'd head off to one of the meat market dance clubs where I am assured of having lots of men hanging around. Wait about an hour and head off to the mens' room. Walk up to the urinal, making sure there were guys standing there too. Hike up my skirt and pull it out and take a pee. Look at the guy next to me and ask, "This is my first time trying this out, 'cause it just showed up a few hours ago! Just how many times do you have to shake this thing anyway?" And peeking at his say, "You know, I'm a woman, and damn, I think mine is actually bigger than yours!"

Blayze10. I'd beat off a lot. And I'd swing it around and around like my husband does, dancing around the house. And I'd bend over in front of the mirror, 'cause I love it when my hubby bends over so I can see his balls and dick a'hangin.

Carol A. I'm assuming in this "experiment" that I would still have my inherent female awareness. I'd be taking mental notes, experimenting, testing throughout the entire day.

My first recollection of penis envy was when I was seven years old on a camping trip with my family. My stepbrother, Bobby, could pee anywhere . . . it was easy, convenient, and tidy. I don't know if it's me or what, but to this day I find peeing outdoors next to impossible. So, if I had a penis, I'd drink lots of water and go for a hike!

Okay, call me a sex-crazed pig, but if I had it, I'd want to flaunt it, somewhat anyway. I'd be wearing blue jeans that have a slightly faded area right at the bulge. A sure eye-catcher. But I can tell you this: I would NOT be adjusting myself in public! I mean, really! And "pocket pool" . . . naaaaaah.

Oh, and ever since I made out with my first boyfriend as a teenager, I felt awful about leaving him with "blue balls". I have a very good male friend who has told me that this is a myth, ladies. But being a skeptic, I want to verify this for myself.

I also want erections within that 24-hour experience that will make me know once and for all if there is a big sensation difference between male and female orgasms. My guess is they're very similar ... can't wait to find out for sure!

And can we conduct this experiment during the winter months so I can write my name in the snow?

Sarah. I would constantly masturbate to see how it felt and then I would have someone blow me to see what technique felt better.

Halcyon. I'd wet my finger with spit and run it along the head to see why it drives men so wild. I'd coax some young thing into kissing it for me. I'd get another guy to stand in front of a mirror so we could watch each other jerk off together. I'd dip it into wet sand on a warm beach. I'd take a shit and see if it dangles into the bowl. I'd try to pee sitting down and see if it splashes. I'd sit around on the back porch where nobody could see me and just wiggle the skin between my fingers. (No, I do NOT want it circumcised!)

Alice. I would get out the porno I hid from my husband and put it in the VCR. I would take my clothes off and jack off like he used to do leaving him out of action. And I'd let him know every ingredient I used for lubrication that day, like the stories I have heard! Let's see here: baby oil, slippery stuff, shaving cream, soap in the shower, toothpaste, cooking oil, strawberry jam, and that motion lotion that gets hot when rubbed. What he would miss while he was at work! Oh, and I would have to wait till he is on the verge of falling asleep, and in a pitiful voice, whisper, "Suck me."

Gossamer. Of course I'd play with it first . . . make it dance, draw faces on it . . . swing it around. Then I'd go pee and see if it's really all THAT difficult to wipe the rim and put the seat down. After I got that mystery solved, I would get dressed and play a little pocket pool . . . you know, I think it must be fun to have a "toy" like that around all the time. OH! I'd see what it feels like to run naked with it . . . thinking it would be funny to have that thing wackin' all around when I run. I'd scratch my balls and then get hold of a friend that would let me fuck her so I would know what that feels like.

Dee C. First of all my dick would be about 7.5 inches long and hard, very hard and uncircumcised. I would go after a virgin. It would be the most beautiful experience she would ever have. I would convince her she would have the best of both worlds: the tenderness of a woman and the hardness of a man . . .

Just imagining what it would be like to be wrapped around warm, wet, tight, soft lips. Hmmmm, it would be so wonderful, so enjoyable.

MartianGirl. Attempt to figure out what the fascination with the "pissing contest" is. I would find out why it is that men have so much trouble lasting for more than ten minutes at a time. Find out why they always have to "adjust" and what is the correct position. Do those holes in the underwear really work? Try on a pair of Speedos and find out why men seem to think they are sexy on everybody. See what "sweaty ball syndrome" feels like. Find out why my balls itch all the time.

Karen R. If I had that southern buddy for a day, I think that I would definitely be touching it . . . quite a bit, just because it's there and I can. And how many times a day do you get to touch a penis just when you feel like it? I'd probably get so worked up about having the penis that I'd walk up to other people and say, "This is incredible . . . would you like to touch my penis?"
At random intervals during the day, I would suddenly shout, "Aaaahhhh, my penis is loose, my penis is loose!" And fling it out, and run around like a chicken with it's head cut off just to see what other guys would do.

Or if I was in class at school, and I was talking to someone, and my penis all of the sudden woke up, I'd say, "Hold on a second," and look down my pants and then say, "Yep, George was trying to get my attention. We'll be right back." And walk into the nearest bathroom and make funny breathing noises.

Rosebud. I don't really think I would like having a penis for a day because it seems like it would be uncomfortable to lug around all that extra weight RIGHT between your legs. But if I did have a penis for one day I would try to stretch it to see how flexible it it, tie it in a knot, wag it around and laugh about how funny it looks, see if it really hurts as bad as men say it does when you get hit right in the package, take it out and chase people down the street with it, pee and then wipe it with toilet paper to see why men don't, show it to everybody I know, and last but not least - I would try to hang something from my erection!

Debbie R. I would jump up and down on a trampoline and see if it could keep up. Then I'd try as hard as I can to give myself a blowjob. Then I'd stick it in a pineapple on the limp thing and watch it break when I get hard. Then I'd fuck a donut until it broke, then I'd put on a pair of boxers, watch the hog hang, and walk down the road with it dangling.

Kay D. Walk around in a corporate office setting and thump people in the head with my penis.

Yvette. First, I'd name it. Can't have a stranger making my decisions, even if it is only for one day! My penis's name would be "Homunculus" which means "Little Man" in Latin. Then I'd go out and get a Prince Albert (you know one of those tres chic genital piercings). I'd also want to try that towel trick, and Other Stupid Penis Tricks I read about. Of course, I'd have to take pictures of everything, lots of pictures, especially nude ones. It's not like you have a "penis for a day" any ol' day now, do ya?

Yonita. Since I have a tongue ring, I would suck myself off to see how it really feels and since I am double-jointed, I'd try humming on my own balls to see how that feels also.

Skydanca. If I had a penis for a day, I would also like a pair of nice big, heavy balls to go with it so I could weigh them in my hand, and run my nails gently over the wrinkles and get the feeling of them tightening up from both angles; and how it is when someone puts it in their mouth with icecubes; and see what the thrill is about bumping into someone and rubbing against them; and maybe, if I am luck, I can get someone to tease me and squeeze them under a table, in the car, a sneak squeeze in the store. And what the difference is between a regular blowjob and deep throat.

Noelle. If I had a penis, I would go to work and ask for a raise. Because, at my work, you obviously need a penis between your legs to get anywhere. Then I would try and find someone who I could perform anal sex on, to see if it's really all that, and I've always wanted to use the line, "But honey, it was an accident!"

Geezlouise. Oh the joy, to have a piece of manmeat of my very own for the day!! First, I would pamper it, just soak in the tub and watch it float, tenderly drying it off, then massaging warmed lotion on it, just for the feeling. I would dance and twirl to watch it move, wear no underpants and silk to see which is better, pee with no hands, close my eyes and run my nails up the shaft and across my balls, sit back in a chair and just softly smack it back and forth from hand to hand like a penis tennis match.

Pottsy-The-Webber I would have it bronzed so I could use it later cause I just know mine would be the biggest penis that ever dangled upon these vast lands of ours!!!! Maybe I could even have a vibrator made out of the bronzed penis??? That's what I would do with mine, besides THE OBVIOUS, that is.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Masturbation techniques for her

Mission Briefing

Ok ladies, here’s the situation. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to increase your confidence and pleasure through a revolutionary new technique called "masturbation"

Know the Enemy

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that guys tend to joke about male masturbation a lot. Women rarely if ever joke about female masturbation. I don’t believe that I’ve ever made a comment similar to "Why’s Jane taking so long? Oh she must be off in the corner pumping her pussy!" although many of my male friends would say something like that about a pokey male comrade.

There has been a longstanding reign of taboos surrounding masturbation and many women still, if they do it, won’t admit it to anyone, even their lovers. Whether or not you choose to admit that you do it, there are benefits to taking matters into your own hands, so to speak.

I believe that people who are in touch with their own sexuality have more confidence and are better lovers. They know their body and how they like to be touched. This can increase the pleasure of a sexual situation for both you and your lover. As well, being able to depend on yourself for sexual satisfaction can take a lot of pressure off of your partner who will not be totally reliant on that part of your life.

I’m not saying that masturbation is better then a lover. There is nothing comparable to the excitement and rush of having a real human being with you, but masturbation can have its own applications.


Its important to know "what’s down there" and much of that can be discovered by exploration. Using your fingers is probably the best as it gives the best feedback as to how you feel. However, if you are squeamish about using your fingers, then using the smooth head of a dildo or wearing latex gloves will also work.

Take the time to explore the folds and creases of the vagina and surrounding area. There should be some natural lubricant, but there may be different amounts for different women. I’d suggest using a water based lubricant like K-Y Jelly for comfort. The vaginal folds can be very sensitive, especially if they get dry, so you don’t want to rub yourself to discomfort.

Strategic Planning

Most of the time, masturbation is done spontaneously when the timing is good and the need is there. For this reason most masturbation for women happens at bedtime, waking up, or in the shower. Sometimes if they are alone, women may also masturbate when reading, watching television, ect. As long as there is some time and privacy it will usually work.

Masturbation can be extremely pleasant after a nice long bath when you feel nice and relaxed or first thing in the morning when you are first waking up.

The most important aspect of masturbation, in my opinion, is the mental. The best way to masturbate is while fantasizing. You can fantasize about a lover, a scene from a book or a movie or whatever or whomever is going on in your head. Remember, this is private, and in many ways, anything goes.

This is your time. I don’t believe that you need to feel guilty fantasizing about people other then your current lover, as long as it stays in your head. The more that you enjoy your fantasy, the better your masturbation will be. Your fantasy could be anything from the concept that its someone else’s hands touching you to the idea that you are a beautiful fantasy slave girl being brought before the sexy and good-looking prince. Its definitely individual and private.

Hand to Hand Combat

A women can massage their genitals without achieving an orgasm. While this still causes pleasant feelings, there are times when a woman wants to have an orgasm. The real difference between just massaging and working towards an orgasm is intent and focus. Just massaging is like scratching an itch, going for orgasm is like working very hard for a goal.

When a woman touches herself sexually, she is looking for spots that cause a twinge of excitement. As she finds them, they start to grow until she comes to the plateau for orgasm. The amount of time and playing that takes depends on the women and situation.

Let's assume that you are comfortable with yourself and you have your fantasy…

Now comes the time to actually bring yourself to orgasm. By touching and rubbing your vagina and clitoris, many women can achieve sexual pleasure. Take your well lubricated fingers and trace the folds and area surrounding the vagina. Pay attention to the sensitive inner folds called the labia minor and the clitoris. Some women like pressure directly on the clitoris while some prefer to stroke the sides of the clitoris for a more indirect approach.

Feel free to let your fingers move in and out of your vagina, as per what feels pleasurable and continues the build up. This is once again, very individual and so you will have to try it out to find out what feels good to you.

Bringing in the heavy artillery

Once you are comfortable with the basics, there are plenty of sexual toys or "aids" that can be pleasurable such as dildos, vibrators and a wide variety of strap-on clitoral stimulators and other assorted adult toys.

Dildos are sex toys that have a phallic shape (look like a penis).

Vibrators, well they vibrate, and can cause pleasure in genital areas.

These toys will come with instructions. I would strongly recommend cleaning the toys before and after use and putting a fresh condom on your dildos or vibrators for each use. Lubrication for your toys is a must. Water based lubricants like K-Y Jelly and Astroglide are effective for vaginal lubrication.

If you are interested in toys, we have an on-line store (the link will open in a new window so that you do not lose your place here) with a huge variety of sex toys in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Special Assignments

Here are some other interesting ways to masturbate:

  • Lie on a bed and put a pillow or towel between your legs. Slowly move it back and forth so that the material rubs against your vaginal area
  • This one was recommended: Use a stream of water from your showerhead to massage your vaginal area
  • Another recommendation: Use a peeled cucumber to massage your clitoris
  • Masturbate while stretching. A great way to get some excise too. Move into a fairly comfortable stretch position and play around. For some reason the slight discomfort seems to be very focusing and lead to good orgasms
  • Play around while watching porno movie or with a good erotic novel or magazine. Act out some of the scenes with your fingers or a favorite toy
  • If you aren’t shy, masturbating in front of a partner can be interesting
  • Leaving your underwear on and playing with yourself through the fabric causes interesting sensations, especially if you start to get wet
Final Briefing

If this is the mission for you, then good luck soldier (and most of all have fun!).

Even if it isn’t for you, I hope that piece was interesting and informative. Views of women and sexuality are slowly changing and there is more openess about the exchanges of ideas. I hope that we continue down that path.

Masturbation techniques for him

Masturbation is a normal healthy part of life for most males. Most males do do this for various reasons. They do this for sexual stimulation, a feeling of security, self esteem etc. It is very normal and is practiced by males from all over the world. Basically masturbation is the touching, of one's self in a sexual nature for the purpose of stimulation and usually orgasm.. Now, we recognize that most males do it, but we also thought that we may be able to help take this exercise to another level with some ideas and tricks.

Always remember that all guys are different, what stimulates one guy may not do it to another. However there are basic guidelines, acting as a starting point, that help males learn what they like and where there bodies are the most sensitive. This information may also be useful to females giving them ideas on what they could do to stimulate or surprise their partner. In general it is a good idea to experiment and find out what suites you.

Without getting too technical, it's always a good idea to start off by going over the anatomy of the male genitals... just in case....

Testicles- The testicles or "balls' are the located in the sac (scrotum) that hangs below the male penis. These are usually very sensitive and should be contacted with extreme caution. They are generally not used during masturbation however it is reported that some males enjoy the squeezing and rubbing of their testicles during the process of masturbation and usually right before or during orgasm. It is strongly recommended that you consult your partner or test the water yourself as your pleasure may end swiftly when targeting this attraction

Shaft- The shaft of the penis is moderately sensitive and runs from your body to the head of your penis.

Head- The head of the penis is extremely sensitive and if often the point of no return when stimulated. When worked in cooperation with shaft stimulation for a period of time orgasm usually occurs.


A basic technique to simple male masturbation for a lot of guys is stimulating the penis by stroking the penis up and down with your hand at different speeds for a period of time. This is done by cupping your hand around the penis shaft and stroking toward and away from your body so your hand navigates up and down the shaft.

Some people prefer to use lubricant when doing this as friction becomes a problem and extended exercise may start to hurt. Using substances like vaseline and lubricants can result in a more intense and faster orgasm, however it again, relies in the individual. A smart idea would be to use a condom which cuts down on "cock burn" and cleans it's own mess up.


The following are advanced techniques that can be used for masturbating.

"Snow Mitt" - Using a thick padded insulated snow glove can usually add warmth to a cold winter's night.

"The Palm"- Use the head of your penis and rub it in a circular motion against palm of an open hand. You can try using using lubricant by putting a little bit in your palm.

"Using Two Hands" - Try using the basic motion but incorporating both hands into play and stroking your penis up and down with hopefully double the fun.

"Pillowy Soft"- To mimic the sensation of a vagina, try placing two pillows on top of each other and thrusting into them. The pillows provide friction within a soft feel. Try using a condom or lubrication to make things slide better.

"Electric Blowjob" - Using an attachment or the vacuum hose can mimic the sensation of dry sucking against your penis but for God's Sake...Be careful!

"The Finger Routine" - Try using one or two fingers and rubbing the underside of the penis up and down. Use your thumb to stimulate the head of the penis while the finger(s) do the stroking.. This technique can use one, two, three fingers or a finger from each hand. The possibilities are truly endless but the results can come really quick.

"Humping The Hand" - Make your hand into a vagina by making a fist and slowly thrusting your penis through it. Lubricant can be a good idea. Another alternative is using both hands and going fist after fist causing a never-ending vagina.

"The Belly Flop" - Use your erect penis and slap it against your belly button. Alternate speeds and contact time can work wonders.

"Skin Rollover" - Use the skin right before the head of the penis and slowly rub the head of your penis. The result will be that your shaft skin will slowly roll over the head going back and forth. This technique may not require lube and is good for a "quick fix".

"Silk Sheets" - Try using either silk or sheets and stimulate your penis from on top of the material. They way you do this is completely up to you. Use your imagination.

"Thigh Heaven" - Stick your erect penis between your upper thighs and slowly rub them together.

"The Not So Married Ring" - Make a ring using your "pointer finger" and your thumb and use this as the way to a new land!

"The Ultimate Grip"- Take a tight grasp of your penis and squeeze at different intervals alternating between hard and soft.

"Very Fruity" - Although different, many a fruit or vegetable have made for great sex in the past. Cut a hole and "Go to town"! Useful examples include watermelon, pies etc.

"H20 All The Way" - Using water to help yourself out isn't a bad idea. Try taking the shower head off and spraying different parts and at point blank range. The result can be very pleasurable.

"Greasing Elbows" - The elbows are another tool that men can used to produce friction. You figure the rest out.


If you are looking for something a little bit more elaborate, there are sex toys from artificial vaginas to pocket pussies to vibrators that can spin the juice, so to speak. You can check them out at our discreet on-line store (the link will open in a new window so that you do not lose your place here).

Basic Intercourse Tips

Alright, intercourse… If you don’t know what this means we will refer to the fine art of "sticking it in’ or penetration of the vagina with the penis. Just talking about it and watching a porno can make it seem pretty easy until you have do it. However, when the time comes you may suffer from confusion, nervousness etc.

Using lubrication and ensuring foreplay can usually make things slide easier. This ensure that she is wet enough that it doesn’t hurt or the squeeze isn’t too tight. Don’t forget the porno kings and queens do this for a living and have had lots of practice at it.

Now assuming that you have passed the first test on where to put it, hehe, we move on to technique on how to have long lasting passionate lovemaking or quick rugged sex.

I mean the basic idea is to slide in and out of the vagina so both parties get stimulated, of course.

From there you can change pace by going faster, slower penetrating deeper or shallower. This usually has a lot to do with the positioning because this dictates who has the most control. An example is with the girl sitting on the male she has more control but in the missionary the man has more control over the action.

It is a very good idea to try different paces and levels of penetration. You will be able to tell what she likes by communicating or paying attention as to what works. It is always good to communicate before, during and after as to what to try and what worked and to find out what’s not working.

Some men with bigger dicks will find it easier to fill up a girl and cause more pleasure it that’s what she likes. If you are unfortunate you can compensate by movement. This movement is a circular movement while penetrating that helps to stimulate all sides of the vagina at different times. It’s basically wiggling your penis in circles while inside her. This technique can be used whether your "johnson" is the size of a building or a pebble.

Another thing you can do to get her going is try stimulating her clitoris, located on the external above her vagina at the top of her lips. If you do this, she will be happy in more than one way and it make take her less time to orgasm making you guys look good if you do it together.

On general consensus, the guy usually orgasms first and the female second. Ways to prevent this are slowing down and helping each other rise to the occasion. Please refer to the Orgasm section of this site.

Now that you know where your going, grasshopper, the rest will be in your hands and we cannot prepare you for everything so best of luck. Happy hunting!

Cunnigulus - More of Oral Sex on Women

For a female, receiving oral sex from her partner is very stimulating and exciting. There are not to many guys out there that will give a female oral sex, but when they do, and when a woman finds a man who will, she has found a treasure.

Women are a great deal more verbal than men, especially during lovemaking. They respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to her, the easier it will be to get her off. So all the time you are petting and stroking her vagina, talk to her about it.

Now look at it again. Gently pull her lips apart and look at her inner lips, even lick them if you want to. Now spread the tops of her lips up until you can find her clitoris. This is where you will get some action and maybe even some noise if you are lucky!! The clitoris comes in all different sizes and they are going to all appear to be different in one-way or another, but this doesn’t mean anything. It does not mean anything as far as her capacity for orgasm.

Whenever you touch a woman’s genitals, make sure your fingers are wet. You can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure, by all means, to wet it before you touch her clit because if it doesn’t have any juices of it’s own, it will be dry, therefore extremely sensitive. The finger will stick to it if it is dry and this hurts the female, and this is something that you don’t want to happen. But you don’t want to touch her clit anyway. You kind of have to work up to that. Before she becomes aroused, her clitoris is too delicate to be handled.

Approach her body slowly. Women, even more so than men, love to be teased. The inner part of her thigh is her most tender spot. Lick it, kiss it, and make designs on it with the tip of your tongue. Come dangerously close to her vagina, then float away, and do this a couple of times – or more if you like. I am sure that she won’t mind at all! Your goal here is to make her anticipate what she is about to encounter. Make her mind wonder what is coming next and how good it is going to feel.

Now lick the crease where her leg joins her genitals. Nuzzle your face into her. Brush your lips over her slit without pressing down on it to further excite her. After you have done this to the point where she is bucking up from her seat and she’s straining to get more of you closer to her, put your lips right on top of her lips. (She will love this).

Kiss her gently, then harder. Now use your tongue to separate her vagina lips and when she opens up, run your tongue up and down between the layers of flesh. Gently spread her legs more with your hands. This must be done gently.

Now slide your tongue inside her. This feels define and is very rewarding for both parties involved. It also teases her because by now she wants some attention given to her clitoris. Check it out. See if her clitoris has gotten hard enough to peak out of it’s covering. If so, lick it. If you can’t see it, it might still be waiting for you underneath. So bring your tongue up to the top of her vagina and feel for her clitoris. You may barely experience the feeling. But even if you can’t feel it, you can make it rise by licking the skin that covers it. Lick hard now and press into her skin – although make sure not too hard, or you will hurt her.

Whether or not you can feel or see her clitoris, gently pull the vagina lips away and flick your tongue against the clitoris. Do this quickly, over and over. This should cause her legs to shudder and maybe even a few moans and groans! Now start to lick harder and if you can feel her clit, start to suck gently. If she can handle it, begin to suck harder. Watch the expression on her face. If she digs it, keep up the great work. Go with her. If she lifts her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm, move with her, don’t fight her. Hang on and keep your tongue in there. Don’t let go unless you really think that she doesn’t want anymore, which is very seldom the case at all.

There is a reason for that, most men stop to soon. Just like with male oral sex, this is something worth learning about and worth learning to do well. There is another step that you can take to intensify your woman’s pleasure. You can finger her while she is enjoying your female oral sex talent. Some women really enjoy this and can help them to become aroused quicker, while some women do not. You are the one that has to experiment with this one and figure out what is best for her. If you do decide that using your fingers is the way to go, take two fingers, make sure that they are wet enough so you don’t irritate her skin, slide them in slowly, then a little faster. Get a rhythmic pattern going. Speed up only when she does and when you can see that this is what she wants and if she likes it. If she likes it, you will definitely know. Her breathing will increase, she may moan, she may even scream. I guess you will just have to find out for yourself!

Many women have many different symptoms when they experience an orgasm. Your woman may get red or begin to tremble. She may get hard nipples, she may be loud, or she might not make a sound. All girls are different. So you never know what you may encounter.

When she starts to have an orgasm, whatever you do, don’t stop licking her or don’t let go of her clitoris. Hang in there for the duration. When she starts to come down from the first orgasm, press your tongue along the underside of the clitoris, leaving your lips covering the top. Move your tongue in and out of her pussy. If your fingers are inside, move them a little too, gently though; things are extremely sensitive right now.

If you play your cards right, you will get some multiple orgasms this way. A woman that can experience a long, intimate orgasm through oral sex is lucky and the man who gives it to her is very lucky. She will be yours as long as you wanted her!!

The last advice I have for you is this: After you have made her orgasm, made her slave by giving her the best oral sex she has ever had, don’t leave her alone just yet. Make sure it is what she wanted and if there were any problems at all and if she enjoyed herself.

I hope that this gives you a few pointers on how to give female oral sex. GOOD LUCK!

Cunnigulus - Oral Sex on Women

Whether you’re experienced at eating pussy or want to give it a try, there are six things that every guy (or girl) should know. Oral sex is a great activity to bring into a relationship. It can bring direct pleasure to women, as well as giving a new way to experience a woman.

1) The first thing that a guy should know is how to approach the subject. There are two problems that might have to be overcome here, namely your apprehension and her insecurities. If you’re feeling nervous about performing oral sex, you can try some of these suggestions. If the area being unclean is a concern, taking a shower beforehand can be a great way to get things going and make the act more pleasant. If you are feeling squeamish about trying it, remember that eating pussy will put you a class above the rest to your woman. As well, if she knows that giving oral sex is as good as receiving she may be more likely to return the favor! If you’re concerned about not doing it right, fear not, you have this article!

Women in general are insecure about their bodies, especially their pussies. Women can’t directly see their pussies like guys can see their dicks. To women, their pussies can be as mysterious and confusing as they are to guys. To approach the subject to a reluctant woman, reassure her that she is beautiful and that she has a beautiful pussy that you just have to eat! This is not the time for pussy jokes. Instead, show her that you' re attracted the center of her sexuality.

2) Once you are both interested in trying oral sex, move yourselves to a comfortable secure place and get yourselves ready! This includes getting the woman turned on. You may already know how to pleasure her, but lots of kissing and caressing is always a good start. Your kisses and caresses should start to move down towards her pussy. Take special interest in kissing her inner thighs and tummy. Occasionally, brush your mouth or fingers against her pussy as a little tease to excite her. If she’s getting turned on then she should be eager for you to move to the next stage.

3) The third thing you should know about eating pussy, is the pussy. A pussy can be a confusing array of folds and crevices, but here’s how a pussy is shaped. The vagina entrance is the innermost tear-drop shaped opening. Immediately surrounding the vagina are two tear shaped lips. At the top of the vagina rests the clitoris. Surrounding the entire area are two larger folds. A woman’s pussy juice can be clear to whitish. While it has a distinct odor, it is virtually tasteless. Every woman’s pussy is different, so take a few minutes to get to know the one that you are going to enjoy. One of the best ways to learn about her pussy is by using your finger. Be sure that there is lots of lubrication. If there is not enough pussy juice, use commercial lubricants which are tasteless and add to overall pleasure. The tissues in the area are highly sensitive and can become raw if they are rubbed too much without enough lubrication. While you are exploring with your finger, watch her for reactions. Every woman has different spots of pleasure. Some external signs to watch for are moaning or adjusting her body to make sure your finger hits a spot or avoids a place.

To begin pussy eating, kiss around the area and bring your mouth down to her pussy so that you can begin exploring with your tongue. Run your tongue all over the area to see what places she likes the best. Let your mouth enjoy the different feels and sensations of her pussy. Eventually your exploring should lead you to her clit.

4) The fourth thing that guys should know is that a woman’s clit is the most sensitive part of her pussy. It is comparable to the head of a guy’s dick. Like a penis, it can rise and get hard until it resembles a little knob. When a woman isn’t turned on, it hides in the foreskin. Stimulating the clitoris is what leads a woman to orgasm, so stroke the knob with your tongue. A popular tongue motion is the “flicking motion” which is similar to a flickering candle. Move your tongue rapidly in and out of your mouth. Vary the pressure and angle that you push against the clitoris. This is certain to bring a woman to ecstasy!

5) The fifth thing to remember about pussy eating is to involve other activities. Try finger fucking her up her cunt or ass while you eat her pussy. This is a popular way to get her off. If she is slow in having an orgasm, don’t panic. It usually takes women longer to get off then men, so keep going. As well, don’t forget that women are capable of multiple orgasms. If you can give her multiple orgasms, she is not likely to forget your skill!

6) The sixth thing you should know is to be creative in pussy eating. Pussy eating, like anything else, can fall into the rut of routine. Spice up your oral sex by using a variety of techniques and toys. One of the easiest ways is to vary the temperature, by using cooler water or lubricant. The temperature change can be exciting to your tongue as well as to her pussy! You can also try taking a quick break from licking to blow softly over her pussy. If your woman is more kinky, sex toys from vibrators to flavored lubricants can easily be integrated into the act. The “69” position, where both partners give each other oral sex at the same time can be an equally rewarding way to eat pussy. Another option is to give oral sex anally because the anus has lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated.

So now you know the six things about eating pussy that are necessary to give a woman an incredible experience. Take your woman and show her that you are one of the guys out there who enjoys and isn’t afraid to eat pussy. Don’t forget that giving great head may be an art, but the fun is definitely in the practice.

Oral Sex on Men: Another View

As I've dated men and had sexual encounters with them I've noticed that all of my lovers have liked oral sex. Because of this, I've decided to share what they've told me to provide a guide to how to give the perfect blow job.

Overcoming obstacles

I know of problems where even if you want oral sex, you're lover isn't into the idea. I've been there. Here are some things that can make giving blow jobs easier. If you're lover simply doesn't like the idea, try bringing it up gently. Make sure that your lover understands that it would mean a lot if they tried and that you don't expect them to be perfect at it. As well, giving your lover oral sex could be a great way to get them to return the favor!

When I first started sucking cock, I found that it was easiest to do when my lover and I were showering together. All the water seemed to relax me and make me feel more open to the idea.

Another way is to use chocolate pudding or whipped cream. Spread it around the penis and have your lover lick it off.

Swallowing is generally only for the more-experienced cock-sucker. For newcomers I'd advise them to swallow fast until they can develop a taste for cum. Swallowing fast prevents gagging. If your lover is uncomfortable with swallowing at the beginning, try not coming in her mouth and finishing it with a hand job until your lover feels more comfortable. Coming in your lover's mouth when they are not ready or prepared could cause them to be uninterested in oral sex in the future. That would be a shame.

Another tip that I have for beginners is to swallow often while you are sucking to avoid getting a build-up of pre-cum in your mouth.

The sucking

I like to start my blow jobs by rubbing my lover's penis over my face. I kiss it and lick it gently, then run it over my cheeks and eyelids. I'll gently massage his dick until he's nice and hard. Once he's got an erection, I'll take it into my mouth and start to suck. Some men like to have teeth rubbed gently over their cock and some men don't. If he does like it, be careful not to rub your teeth too hard. The penis is actually quite sensitive and that sort of rubbing can be painful.

I find it best to use my lips to put pressure on the penis. As I move his dick in and out of my mouth I squeeze it with intensifying pressure. I use my tongue to rub around the head and shaft of the cock. I find it useful to move the dong around in my mouth so that my tongue can get at the head from every angle.

The fondling

Another important part of giving a great blow job is to use your hands. I like to rub my hands up and down my lover's piece as I'm taking it in and out of my mouth. This gives him maximum stimulation. As well, I like to run my hands over his balls, gently rubbing them and massaging them.

It's important to read your lover as you are giving oral sex. I find that taking a break from the sucking can prolong the orgasm and make it more intense. This can be tricky though. You don't want to slow down right when they are about to have an orgasm. Slow down earlier just when they are starting to get pleasantly aroused. When I slow down, I like to stop sucking and take some time to just rub his cock firmly and lick and tease the head a bit with the tip of my tongue. When he starts to relax a bit, I'll start sucking with more intensity. Just remember not to let him get too relaxed or he'll lose interest. After slowing down once or twice, I'll build up my sucking speed until he finally cums.

The cuming

One of my past lovers once told me to press firmly behind his balls just before he came. He said that pressing there increased the intensity of his orgasm. That's something that you might enjoy playing with. Just don't press hard enough to hurt him.

When my lover comes, I usually swallow, although sometimes, he finds it as exciting to come all over my face or chest. If they want to come on me, I treat them by rubbing it up with my fingers and licking it off. If I'm feeling naughty I'll continue to lick and rub his cock after he's come. After he comes, his cock is really sensitive and continuing to rub it gives him a feeling somewhere between ticklish and pleasurable.


Getting oral sex is different for every man. Every guy has his only way he likes it. Watch his reactions as you play around and ask him what he likes. One of my lover's fantasies is to wake up while he's getting a blow job. Check and see if he has any interesting fantasies or interests. As well, don't be afraid to play around and try new things. Putting a frozen grape or ice cube in your mouth as you suck him off can give him and you an interesting sensation. As well holding a vibrator up to your cheek while you're sucking or just rubbing it on the head of his wang` can cause some guys pleasure.

No one should be expected to perform oral sex perfectly the first time. Its something that gets easier the more that its done. Now isn't that a great way to suggest practice?

Don't tell him what you want in bed - it's a sure turn off for him!

So don’t do it. Don’t say: “I want you to suck me here, blow me there, lick me here, position yourself there…” sure, he is interested to know all about this, but not in bed and not after lovemaking. Be subtle. But not as subtle as a brick swinging against a wall. Tell him about yourself on earlier dates by all means. ”I love a man to go down on me,” you could say, in a restaurant, or walking down the beach. But if you say it in bed it comes over like a command. It is different if he asks you. That is OK. If he says to you in bed, can I go down on you?

Do you like being licked out? Or words to that effect, (and what honest woman doesn’t?) then just say, “Ooooh yeah, hmmm, please ...,” not some intellectual gibberish or commanding remark like “Yes, I expect it." He will fuck you off on some silent level of his mind. It is a process; don't get in the way of your own pleasure or his by putting your big foot in it. No one likes being told what to do. Everyone hates it, even if you are being paid. Asked is nice. Persuaded is OK. Have some respect for him and explore the boundaries of what he knows and coax the new knowledge forward, rather than ram it down his throat, if you don’t want him to ram it, so to speak, down yours ... Without getting your mood right first. Then he can, can’t he?


Men love to see their cocks going in and out of your mouth. It’s really childish. But there it is. Position the mirrors if you need mirrors. He can see without mirrors and so can you if you look down. But it might not be too good for your neck. But glance down occasionally and take that in and out in with your mind. It’s a good one to replay when you want to punish your clitoris later on. Let's face it; we all love to run the movie of an old shag. In that regard we are just like men, and we hide it better. But they don't know. They don't lie so convincingly as we do about our little masturbation tricks. They only know if we are aroused even if we are lying to them by the wetness of our vaginas.

But the body doesn't lie!

Take those mental photographs, as it heightens the pleasure in the moment. Men love to watch themselves going in and out of your vagina. Isn't that understandable? We love it too. Half the camcorders in the world are made for those sex home movies and don’t we just know it. You might be at the stage and you might have grown out of t. Look that is his cock and that is my vagina and we are having sex, live, right now, on TV. It is very thrilling. And it is a lot of fun. This can be very liberating. But believe me, you do grow out of it. But don’t grow out of it before you have tried it. All the foreplay is about that very act. In and out. The copulation that makes the babies. It is like he is starring in his own sex film with you as his co-star. You can think of yourself as the star too. The next big fantasy for men is the one they will shell out dollars for. They buy all the porn films for. They buy all the girly magazines for. So use that too.

Forget the romantic beach sex scene ... sex is everywhere!

They love to have their cocks sucked straight out of their zipper in a restaurant, in a car, in the elevator, in the office at his desk. In the stationary cupboard. In the parking lot. In the garage. Anywhere. Everywhere. Down an ally and up against a wall. The more unusual the better. They sell you the romantic beach sex scene, or the expensive hotel room, but that is all a waste of money and time. That is hotel propaganda. You can get your rocks off anywhere anytime.

One girl friend of mine is a teacher. She drives to school, everyday early, about 7.30AM. Everyday she passes this hunk of a man jogging alone along the beach and she tells me she gets really wet and wants to fuck him. She gets down the road and parks up and gives herself a good masturbatory experience and then drives on to the school. Until one day she realizes that she can have a go. He can only say no.

She stops the car the next day and she calls out to him and strikes up a conversation with him. She is neatly dressed in a skirt. (It always helps to be dressed in a skirt by the way. It’s a lot of hassle getting off your trousers for a quick one). He is delighted. He fancies her. She moves up close to him and she drums up the nerve to touch him there, right on his cock. She only had to do it once for him to know that he was being "given permission" to fuck her. He smiles and doesn't resist her. No man would. She pulls down his shorts. Ok he is a bit sweaty, but it is clean sweat. And she goes down on him using the car door as a shield from any traffic. She sucks him off for about three minutes then he spins her over and pushes her over the seat and pulls her knickers to one side and rams her from behind, and she gets a good fuck. She makes the appointment with him to meet him every day right there and so she gets to start her day not with a wank but with a shag.

She doesn't know his name and he doesn't know hers. But it’s happening. It’s happening only because she had the nerve to initiate it. How many women out there have the guts to initiate the sexual encounter and get what they want? Try it on. See what happens. Leave no room for doubt. I tell you, if there is any chemistry between you at all, it is going to happen.

Men love to have their trouser buttons and unzipped by you before you pull out the jade stalk and start sucking it, but this can be risky if you are not sure if he is clean enough. No woman really likes to suck on smegma. If you don't know what smegma is, use your imagination. It’s the grime that can build up around a man's helmet if he is at the end of his working day and hasn't had a chance to shower off.

But then by the second or third date, if you don't already know him, you will know the state of the art by then. The same goes for venereal diseases. Use your head. Caution. If you don’t know anything about venereal diseases then a good book shop or library will sort that out. Make a point of understanding that. This is not the place for that material. That is up to you to get yourself wise on. On with the show:

Men love to wank themselves off while you hold the helmet of their cock in your mouth while you are licking and sucking. They love to feel their own hands on their cock in your mouth. They like to do that with their cocks inside your vagina too. Why? Because - like us - they are familiar with their own hands. It is kind of reassuring to them. It completes the sexual fantasy, bridges it to have you a part of it.

What Tantra says about semen of two men

Tantra has something to say about this. A woman must never allow the semen of two men to be inside her at the same time. That is a golden rule for all women, unless one of the two men is using a condom. But even then, energy wise it doesn’t ultimately do the women any psychological good at all. Either one on one, or more than one woman and one man. But never one woman and several men, or just two men at the same time. The semen fight and it is you, the woman that pays the price on the operating table.

The next little piece of information you need to know is that if you are a woman who has a number of lovers and or even two lovers and you alternate between them secretly then remember this. The semen is alive inside you for three full days and nights regardless of how ell you flush yourself out after a love making session. Semen is very small and it swims fast and upwards to places where the flushing won’t reach.

The semen is still inside you for three days. If you take another lover in that time and he comes inside you also, then the semen is going to fight. The semen is alive for that length of time. It is physically and psychologically dangerous for a woman to have two or more men’s semen inside her at the same time.

She might get away with once or twice, but if she does this too often, then sooner or later she is going to get ill and her gynecologist will be asking strange questions you won’t want to answer. The answer is that if you are going to have more than one, lover, then spread the space out between having sex with each one by four, five even six days and constantly flushing yourself out. Ante bacteriological soap doesn’t kill semen. Semen is not a bacteria,. It is actually the purest of all biological proteins. That is why if you swallow too much of it you will probably put on weight. But we are talking about pints of semen here, not a few mouth full three times a week. That will only make your skin improve.

A cosmetics company will one day find a formula that can use the essential proteins and perhaps produce some variation that can really produce an ageing slow down for the skin.

Ooopps, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. Ok. Here goes for another secret.


A man’s semen contains nutrients that are so pure and so perfect that if a woman were to swallow his semen regularly she would notice after a few months that her skin was taking on a new luster. It makes sense when you think about it. Sperm after all is the very stuff from which babies are made. It is the masculine half of the equation. It is the purest of the pure, cleanest of the clean protein. It’s so pure and so clean that it cannot be manufactured by medical science. If medical science could produce sperm based cosmetics, they would work.

Reach and burn your orgasm to white-hot!

We might take some warming up, ladies, but when we start to burn, we burn white-hot, whereas our favorite little shagging star can usually only reach red-hot. When he cums, he needs to rest up for an hour afterwards before he is fit to ride us again, whereas we can go on orgasming more intensely in waves, each wave more intense than the last until we can actually pass out from sheer pleasure. Remember that shameless woman played by Jane Fonda called Barbarella. She burned out the pleasure machine because her orgasms sucked the juice out of the machine until it caught fire and exploded. Her clitoris beat the machine. There is a holy truth in there somewhere. Shameless woman! What a great film that was. All about sexual innocence and liberation. Well-done, Jane!

Our capacity for pleasure is nine times greater than a man’s. But if you want to know why, you will have to watch this web site as the PRINCIPLE OF NINES is a whole branch of SEXUAL TANTRA and is the subject of a another booklet altogether and you are going to want to know all about that if you really want to become a goddess in bed. All women want to be goddesses in bed, don’t they? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they should. But before we run, let’s crawl, and then walk. Let’s be modest climbing that mountain called his cock and your clitoris and then maybe we can stand some chance of reaching the peaks of sexual ecstasy. Those twin peaks. His peak and your peak. You never know if we can get switched on and educate him into how it works for us; it may even cause a sexual revolution. It’s about time there was another one of those. Men and women, let’s face it, love to fuck each other, we all love a good shag, and if we say we don’t, we are either lying, or we need a doctor.

So let’s call it what it is. If we need highbrow, intellectual, artistic discussion on the point of female pleasure, literature has many wonderful examples, in the works of Simone de Beauvoir, and Anais Nin, both exceptionally gifted courtesans of genius, and wonderful writers. Perhaps those tow illustrious legends of sensuality and female sexuality would agree with this approach: Don’t tell him what you want. The accent is on the word “tell”. That is a sure turn off for most men. If you say “no, I want you to do this, or that” in the sack, it will just make him think you are a domineering bitch and turn him off the idea of a good shag. And you are! Face it. If he starts to suck on your nipples and you push him down to your vulva, he may like it and he may not. If he doesn’t like it, you’ve blown it. If he likes sucking your nipples he may work his way down there. Be patient.

Sex with two Women and one man

It’s called The Gobbling Fishes. Some women in the west may feel uncomfortable with the idea of going with another woman in bed with one man. It will turn him on. Men are forever fascinated with the idea of having sex with more than one woman. Women find each other much more erotic and sensual than men find each other. A man loves to watch two women playing with each other. It’s a real turn on for him, a real treat. It can also put us women in touch with the more sensual side of our nature. Its not strictly speaking a lesbian encounter when there is a man present in bed, and involved in the sexual act, but it is nevertheless a lesbian type of experience. This is less trouble some to women that it is to men. Men are either that way inclined or they are dead against sexual involvement with their own sex. They are strictly straight. Strictly heterosexual.

A good red-blooded male attitude, too, and not to be discouraged. Occasionally you come across a bi sexual male, but mostly men who love to go with two women at the same time are fairly confident about their sexuality and fairly confident about their ability to satisfy. It can be quite nerve wracking if you have never done it before. So much depends on your choice of partner and even if you manage to get the right two partners, another woman and the right lucky man, there is the issue of dealing with the attendant guilt. You have to make certain that you go into a three some with a clear decision that you are not going to feel guilty about it afterwards. That guilt would take the shine right off a potentially very interesting experiment in your own sensuality. It should be encouraged.

The man will probably think that a sexual encounter with two women “at the same time” means, first he goes with one of the women, and then with the other, alternating between the two of you. But it need not be like that. One woman can go down on his, giving him a good blow job, a fellatio ...

... gratification if you want the posh expression, and the other gives him the full sensual lip exploration, mouth kissing, body fondling. Both of you can go down on his, taking it in turns to take the phallus in your mouth. That can be very exciting for all involved. One can be licking on his balls, the other giving him the sucking off. Again alternating. Then, if you are firmly in the driving seat and in synch with your fellow girl playmate, you can take in turns to “ride” the Bronco. Sliding on top of his cock for a bounce, and then controlling yourself and giving your friend a chance. While she is on him, the other can be shagging him and vice versa. But whatever you do, stay involved. Don’t roll over and let her have it off with him. Waiting your turn. Stay sensually involved, no matter who is getting the ride. Swap over regularly. He will think he has died and gone to heaven. It’s a good sign, it means you are doing something right. But there is way you can both be directly and intimately involved, and it comes from Tantric Yoga. It is called the Gobbling Fishes, a direct reference to the appearance of your pussy.

The positioning is as follows. If he does not instigate this himself, and he may not know, or have even heard of it, then her is your big chance to teach himself about love making. Something for him to tell all his friends about. The larger one of you girls, if there is a noticeably larger one lies on her back on the bed and spreads and arches her legs nice and comfortably. The second girl, the lighter one then straddles her. Now, here’s the tricky part. The idea is you rub your pudenda bones together so that your vaginas are making direct contact with each other. The girl underneath may find it more comfortable if she raises her hips up. Put a pillow under your buttocks to support that extra bit of lift you need. Maybe even two pillows, whatever you need to get that lift, so that your pelvis can rest easily and without strain.

Not inserting into either vagina but right where the clitoris ...
Now you maneuver your willing male subject behind the girl on top. You get him to insert his penis between the Gobbling Fishes. Not inserting into either vagina, but right where the clitoris would make contact with his penis at the same time. Picture it. OK. Then you rub and move together, his in and out motions are directly massaging both your clitoris areas simultaneously, and this excitement causes the vaginas to open up and moisten into what the ancient ones called the Gobbling Fishes, because the vaginas now look like the mouths of two gobbling fishes. It’s a simple description, but an elegant and perfect way to involve two women simultaneously in love making with one man. This will also enable him to make love to both of you without feeling that either is waiting in turn.

You can be kissing each other and fondling each other’s breasts and his hands will be most comfortably be resting on the buttocks of the one above, and occasionally sliding under your belly to fondle your waist and hips and breasts and belly. Gradually, as the lovemaking continues apace and excitement mounts he will begin to slide his penis first into one of your vaginas and then into the other, alternating the thrust from one to the other at each stroke, or every few strokes. As he does this you continue to rub your pudenda bones together, and the one underneath can even jam her thumb and forefinger into the clitoral areas of both of you and keep the feeling of clitoral excitement mounting as he thrusts alternately into each vagina. This combination works so supremely well and can being all three of you to a shattering climax.

The one on the bottom can also change places with the one on the top if this is comfortable and you feel comfortable. Experiment. Guide him into these experiences. Educate him into these pleasures and be receptive to any variations on the themes he may creatively introduce. These techniques are not hard and fast.

Be sensitive about the climaxes. The chances are the two women will be able to synchronize their climaxes more easily together than with the man, but if one should come before the other stay with the process and bring the other off. If he cums first, before either of you then you keep the motion going, rubbing and masturbating each other, and if he gets off then don’t stop. If he is sensitive he will go down on one of you while the other woman goes down on her friend and finishes the sexual process that way, to orgasm. Use your imagination. Go with the feeling.

The Gobbling Fishes was a common love making posture among the emperors of Ancient Asia and China many thousands of years ago, where noble men and women practiced multiple lover sex. This was worked up into an art form, and became a very refined form of sexual gratification. It is only just beginning to become recognized and used again as the ancient manuscripts are becoming translated and appearing in the West.

The Gobbling Fishes doesn’t take much practice, it just takes a little courage, choosing the right partners and combinations of partners and being sensitive about each others sexual excitement process. If you develop and practice this with the same partners each time, then at a later point you can introduce new partners to the process and gradually extend your repertoire of experiences.