Monday, March 31, 2008

How to Find the Male G-spot

Male G-spot, Technically men do not have g-spots. The g-spot refers to a particular part of the female anatomy. After wetting your latex covered finger with saliva or water-based lubrication, slowly insert it into his rectum. Use a steady gentle movement to push your finger into the rectum. Take your time, it is the outer most third of his rectum that is the most sensitive. Going slowly increases his desire for more, and allows both of you enough time to adjust to this new technique/sensation. Begin moving your finger in and out. This helps to relax the surrounding area. Once both of you are feeling comfortable, and your finger is fully inside, curl your finger upwards, and begin making the 'come here movement' with your finger. This motion in effect has the tip of your finger tapping on his prostate. Some men are able to orgasm from this form of stimulation. Some men desire this form of stimulation combined with oral sex. It is this tapping of the prostrate which is sometimes referred to as the 'male g-spot'.

How to Find the Female G-spot

After wetting your finger with saliva or water-based lubrication, slowly place two fingers all the way into the vagina and touch the anterior wall. Place your index finger into the vagina and touch the anterior wall. It is approximately a finger length up. Many women like having the person touching them use their index finger to place some pressure on the wall. Try making the 'come here motion' with your index finger. Allow the tip of your finger to tap on the anterior vaginal wall. Let her level of excitement guide your movements. Talk with her, and ask her how different forms of touch feel. Some women may not like the feeling of being touched there and may even find it painful.

Another way to tell if you are indeed touching her g-spot is that there will be a change in texture. The g-spot area will feel fleshy, like a small area of wrinkled skin. In contrast, the surrounding area will feel taut. The shape of the g-spot is similar to an upright kidney bean. In addition to touching her g-spot with your index finger, I would strongly encourage you to use your tongue (remember all those tongue exercises!) and stimulate her clitoris, inner & outer lips. The combination of fellatio (oral sex) with g-spot stimulation is enough to make most women become extremely excited.

For the super adventurous couple, after having successfully located the g-spot and developed a beginning level of comfort you are ready to move on to part two. Most people have never progressed this far. What you are about to embark upon new territory. Be prepared to experience a totally new feeling. The partner, instead of using his/her index finger to locate the g-spot will now use their index finger and thumb to pull up some tissue from the vaginal walls and rub it between her/his finger and thumb. Before doing this, practice this technique by VERY LIGHTLY pinching some skin together. This is what you are doing with the vaginal wall. To do this, you must be EXTREMELY soft and gentle. The vaginal walls are extremely sensitive. It is better to err on too soft than too hard. Most women will never have felt this sensation before. This is something just different feeling. There is no other way to describe it. As you touch her vaginal walls, always give her two different forms of touch and ask her which one she likes better. Good luck.