Monday, March 31, 2008

How to Find the Male G-spot

Male G-spot, Technically men do not have g-spots. The g-spot refers to a particular part of the female anatomy. After wetting your latex covered finger with saliva or water-based lubrication, slowly insert it into his rectum. Use a steady gentle movement to push your finger into the rectum. Take your time, it is the outer most third of his rectum that is the most sensitive. Going slowly increases his desire for more, and allows both of you enough time to adjust to this new technique/sensation. Begin moving your finger in and out. This helps to relax the surrounding area. Once both of you are feeling comfortable, and your finger is fully inside, curl your finger upwards, and begin making the 'come here movement' with your finger. This motion in effect has the tip of your finger tapping on his prostate. Some men are able to orgasm from this form of stimulation. Some men desire this form of stimulation combined with oral sex. It is this tapping of the prostrate which is sometimes referred to as the 'male g-spot'.

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