Saturday, November 1, 2008

Men love to see the results of their hard sex work on your body!

Men love to see their cum on your face. In your mouth. On your tits. On your pubic hairs and on your back. They love to see the results of their hard work on your body. They love it beyond words. And, if we are honest, we love it too.

Do you have your eyes open or closed while you are sucking on his hard penis? The answer is he loves both.

Men love to see you close your eyes in bliss while you are sucking his cock. It makes him feel like a movie star, a king, a real winner. And if he feels like a winner he will be a winner. If that is his process. You can grow out of that one too. But not while he is still in his little cotton socks. It is a process of maturity. Walk before you run. Crawl before you walk. Run before you fly. Fly before you soar. Soar before you leave orbit. Learn to leave orbit before you jump the light speed. Everything in stages.

Men love to see you look adoringly up at them while you are sucking their cocks. And what about your posture? Their favorite one?

MEN LOVE TO SEE YOU KNEEL IN FRONT OF THE ALTAR OF HIS COCK AND SUCK HIM OFF WHILE he is standing up. For some reason they love that. It never fails. If you start there, he will usually have you up and bent over a table and start giving you the ramming of your life from behind, and then they turn you over, push your legs wide apart and finish off missionary style, face to face. They like to watch your face when they cum. Don't try and slow him down whatever you do. But if you are confident enough you can break off his heated pumping by going down on him again. He isn't going to object, but you will have to suck vigorously to give him the continued sensation that he is fucking your vagina. Maybe its the meekness of sucking him off that gets him off Its a mystery, but it works.

Men love to have their cocks sucked while they are still in their trousers. It’s a recurring fantasy. It probably stems from their schoolboy furtive wanking days when they used to have a crush on one of the female members of staff. They all have wanking fantasies of shagging her in the gym or in the stock room while still in their trousers and they don’t really grow up. They are the same when they are at work as grown men. We are still the teachers and they are now old enough t fulfill their fantasies. Same with the little girls we once were. How many of us had a favorite teacher man?

Maybe more than one. And we used to go home and really punish the button about being fucked by our favorite teacher, right there over the table after class on his table. If only w had the nerve. Of course there are all sorts of rules against it and he would get fired on the spot if you were ever caught. But the fantasy still rules us when we are big girls in the office. We shag the boss, or we shag the temps. There is this unwritten rule to fulfill our schoolgirl fantasies and that urge is a strong in him too. Remember that.

The surreptitious sexual act is three times more exciting than the one that is planned within the rules of romance and believe me when I tell you that it goes on. Some of my readers are well in on the act. But those of you who are wanting in on the act can start learning the game and these little booklets are designed to help you get some sexual excitement back in your lives. Those of you who are rocking already can only improve.

Men love those surreptitious sex acts and so I can't stress it enough. Forget being Miss prim and proper. You will end up an old spinster on the shelf if you don't get wise to it.

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