Friday, November 28, 2008

Sex In The Shower for Women

How do you get him erect in warm water? The recipe is pretty simple. Find a couple of inflatable neck pillows, run a bath, and add an invigorating herbal scent instead of something flowery. Get inside, relax for a while, and let your fingers do the walking. Add bath gel or mild soap, and let your hands do the rest. Pull yourself closed so your legs go over his thighs, soap up Mr. Stiffy, and go to town. You can vary the standard bathtub hand job by nestling behind him. Sit upright while he reclines against your breast. Start with the back, shoulder or head massage while you kiss and lick his neck. Reach around him, or slide your hands under his arms, so that you can nab his nipples. Again, work your soapy hands lower and watch his grower become a show-er. Obviously, this technique works well on you with the positions reversed.

It’s pretty easy to figure out that you can do just about everything in the tub or under the shower that you can do lying in bed. You can give your guy a pretty vigorous hand workout standing face to face to him, or with you on your knees. Whenever you’re engaging in shower action, keep your back to the water so that your face isn’t constantly bombarded by shower spray. And don’t forget the rubber mat. You want him to swoon in ecstasy, but you don’t want him to slip and crack his head open. Moreover, your knees will be a lot happier with a little cushioning.

Speaking of being down to your knees, you might want to try some oral action while you’re both in the morning shower. Start with hugs, kisses and soaping him up all over. Drop that little inflatable pillow on the floor of the tub, kneel on it, and don’t forget to come up for air every once in a while. The water will feel great on both of your heads and, when you’re done, you might suggest that he try working with that pulsating shower massage on you.

Princeton Belly Rub

Let’s talk about a dryer technique, which is called the Princeton Belly Rub. The basic position is face-to-face, lying down. The guy on top is in a push-ups position, with elbows bent or on the bed. While your legs are open, his legs are straight out between yours. Then, he can press Mr. Stiffy against your love button and starts rocking back and forth using his toes for leverage. You might try massaging his buttocks or nipples while he’s doing this. After climax, just use your nearby hand towel to dry off your belly. This is such a vigorous workout that it’s a good idea to make sure you’re a satisfied customer first.


While most men enjoy rubbing their penis between a woman’s breasts, it might be impossible for the bosom-ly challenged. An alternative here is the backslider. This is where you lie facedown on your stomach, while he places some lubricant on your bottom (as opposed to IN it), between the cheeks. Your guy lies on top, or straddles on his knees, and glides his shaft between those golden globes. Like the Princeton Belly Rub, it feels great and is totally safe. Just remember that this is only a short step away from backdoor sex – you’ll get your bottom massaged pretty well, too. If you decide to proceed that way, you’ll need more lubricant and a condom.

The Pearl Necklace

This safe and simple alternative has the woman lying on her back with the guy straddling her waist. You can tweak his nipples, stroke his inner thighs, play with his testicles, or play with yourself for that matter. In the meantime, he has his way with himself, masturbating until he reached orgasm – you can help out by squirting a little lube in his hand – and directing the semen where you want it to go – your face, your neck or your breasts. Hence the name pearl necklace, which can mean any style, from a simple choker to a luxurious opera length strand, depending you your partner.

This technique is extremely exciting for men because they know how to handle themselves exactly the way they like, and because they never cease to love watching themselves come. In theory, the woman doesn’t have to do a thing expect suggest the whole procedure. He can have a party all by himself, and you can close your eyes and think about the sale at Saks. But you know our feelings on that: no tennis bracelets for sitting around with a bored look on your face. For better results, you should be actively involved, urging him on, with interest and enthusiasm. For variety, you can work in some of your own hand techniques, directing his ejaculation toward the neck, thereby fashioning your own strand of pearls.


… the nickname for mutual massage. It’s completely safe; you both get what you want and you can use any preferred lubricant as long as you don’t move into intercourse. Although men know that when Mr. Stiffy needs attention, he’ll take it from just about any place he can get, including his old, cherished friend, Mr. Hand. So why do so many men have problems with handling themselves in front of a woman? Some of the reasons popped up in yet another of our informal polls included a fear that you’d think he was gay or – worse – a geek if he knew how to toss off to well, that they’re obsessed with going “all the way” and won’t feel complete unless they do, and that they’re just plain lazy and want to do all the work. (The last response had a slightly bitter note on it; we suggest you try not to think along those lines with your partner.)

One more reason came out when a friend of us told us about an experience she remembered from college. Seems like one of her girlfriends ended up in bed with a guy and fell asleep. When she awoke, she was horrified to find him tossing off and about to shoot a shot on her. We think she probably shouldn’t have been so shocked. After all, boys will be boys, especially in college, and he was probably ready with a story about the dreaded blue balls. But she was out the door before either his explanation or his ejaculation, and the girl told just about everyone she knew. The poor guy became known for his tossing off all around campus, and everybody made fun of him. Maybe it was just college high jinks, but it does appear that men are not quite as comfortable when it comes to self-stimulation. This is probably changing, but you still may encounter a little of the old-school shyness.

Sometimes your partner may not have the right touch for you, so you have to take your tings into your own hands for a while. The obvious thing is for him to handle himself, too. So how do you, as a straight woman, let your partner know that it’s okay for him to toss off? You could try working on yourself, and hope he does the same. You might also let him know that you like to watch him. This is also a way for you to hone your own manually skills by keeping an eye on exactly how he handles himself. However it happens, just remember that everybody likes M&Ms, and not just green ones …

Combo Platters

Just like when you’re at the shoe salon and can’t decide between the Prada pumps, the Ferragamo flats, or the Blahnik boots, the answer is to go for all three, because you’ll always find an occasion to use them. Following the fashion rule of mix and match, you’ll want to combine some of your “do not enter” techniques for maximum enjoyment. After some kissing and massage action, get him into position for a little Princeton Belly Rub. If he likes this, he may get close to climax, so be careful not to let him pass the point of no return. Go back to some hugging and nipple action to cool him down for a couple of minutes. Next, have him lie on his back, then it’s your option to do manual labor, oral action or both. You can work on
yourself a bit during this, too, and he should figure out that it’s his turn to do the same to you. When you both feel really hot and bothered, and you think it’s time to let it rip, the move into position for some M&Ms. Lie on your back, and have him straddle above you on his knees. You may want to work a little magic on him to keep things moving. If you haven’t yet, put some lube or lotion on your hand or tummy to keep things smoothly. Try working in some massage techniques. When you decide you’re ready, just start handling yourself. Keep your eyes on him so that he knows you’re enjoying watching him, and he should overcome any shyness about tossing off on you.

Wait here

“What do I do while I’m waiting for him?” Even though you may be thinking about how your nails look, it’s probably not a good idea to whip out your Revlon and start polishing. Ideally, if you’re doing M&Ms, you should both be able to have an orgasm at around the same time. In rare instances, however, your guy may take a lot longer than you. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to help him along as much as possible. While he’s tossing off, whip our all your tips and work on his nipples, inner thighs, buttocks and testicles. He should get a charge out of that. Holding his testicles with one hand and pressing around the base of his shaft in the “L” formation should also bring him closer to orgasm. If he needs a little more lube, squirt some onto his penis or into his working hand.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to seem uninterested in his orgasm, and the truth is, you probably ARE interested in it. He’ll like your hands massaging and touching him, so he doesn’t feel like he’s flying solo. He’ll also like it if you gaze admiringly at Mr. Stiffy and give him a warm, affectionate sigh of happiness for a job well done. That way, he’ll know you’re happy and that it’s okay for him to let loose, too. So hold on, relax and enjoy the view.

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