Friday, November 28, 2008

A Versatile Guide To Nipples for Women

So the stage is set. You’ve got the guy, and you’ve got the goods. Now you’re ready to dig into the first course of a memorable five-star meal.

Recently, a friend of ours announced he was taking a leave from his job and was moving to Spain to be with his paramour. When we asked why, he said because the sex was like nothing he had ever experienced. This new love kept him hot, and hard, all the time. After he caught us eagerly eyeing his zipper to see if this was true, we quizzed him to find out what was so special. Was it the technique? Did they do it five times a day? Did he something we didn’t know? The secret, according to our friend, was that his knowledgeable girlfriend cleverly controlled the whens, wheres and whats of their fooling around. Our friend never knew what to expect – and he loved it!

Decent men don’t think about which partner is taking the lead all that much. It just kind of happens. Take a lesson from us: If you want to win in Wimbledon, you’ve got to open with a great serve. Don’t be afraid to start the set. If you’re worried that he’ll think you’re an overanxious amazon, just remember that many men fantasize about being tied up by buxom Barbarellas from Deep Space Nine. Our informal poll of men and women tells us that guys love to have their partners orchestrate; probably more often then you think. The notion of him lying back with someone else calling the shots – and doing most of the work – is pretty appealing. You already know the surefire signal: “Just Grab It”. This chapter will give you many tips on how to keep the ball rolling.

Lip Tips

We all know good kissers and bad kissers, so what makes a great kiss? Loose lips, open mouth, and open attitude. The fact that you’re reading this book means you’ve got an open attitude – or are pretty darn close. But there are other places you can kiss him that will rev up his engine. He’ll think you’ve been training for the Indy 500 and, with these tips, you’re sure to scoop the checkered flag.

After a long, lovely series of kisses on the mouth, it’s time to heat things up and head south. Kisses on the neck are nice, but it’s you tongue that will put him into high gear. Light licks and soft breathing into his ear will send shivers down his spine. Move lower to the most sensitive spot on his neck and throat, which is along the line where his whiskers vanish. Using the flat part of your tongue, and a firm pressure, lick up and down along that line. If he’s too ticklish, lighten up and move on to other parts.

Another good spot is the curve where his neck meets his shoulder. In general, almost any kind of tongue touches in this area will rock the racket. Keep heading south to his underarms. If his hands are clasped behind his neck, you’ve got an open invitation. If not, deftly take hold of his wrist and move his arm up above his head. The underarm area is where men go to town. One reader of us said that while she loved to give blowjobs, there was no way she was sticking her face under some guys arm. We agree that a mouthful of Arid Extra Dry is a lousy way to stick to your Weight Watchers plan, which is why the pre-sex shower is a must.

There are two areas to approach. Start by licking the super smooth spot directly below the hair under his arms for a while, and then go right to the center of his underarm. Use your lips and gums to massage him, moving from section to section. Another sexy spot is along the inside of his arm, in between the biceps and triceps. The skin in these areas tends to be very soft and, often, neglected.

When you’re bored with his armpits, keep licking and mouthing your way down to another area that’s often overlooked: his inner thighs. Slide down and shift positions so that your legs are hanging over the side of the bed and your head is in between his legs. You may already have noticed that many men have a little bald spot on their inner thighs. We don’t know if this is a generic quirk or the result of too-tight jeans, but it’s certainly a great place to play around in. Use the same mouth motion you used under his arms. Start with the bald spot and work your way to the line where his torso meets his leg. Say hi to Mr. Stiffy so he won’t feel left out. A soft stroke with your hand will let him know that you’ll be back later to take good care of him.

A versatile guide to nipples

We already mentioned how some of our readers were amazed to learn that men have feelings in their nipples. To some guys, this is a big nothing. But to others, theses petite protrusions are two major points on the playing field. Our polls show a fifty-fifty split: Fifty per cent say “don’t bother” and fifty per cent are nipple queens.

The only way to find out if a guy’s nipples are in the hot zone is to test the waters. Lazy licking is pretty boring, but he might like the sensation of bites, tugs or tweaks. We tell you everything you always wanted to know about nipples but were afraid to ask:

The first thing you’ll want to do is prime pecs. If your gentleman du jour has been working out, he’ll have hight-pecs inward to send the sensation toward the nipple. He’ll also like the fact that you’ve noticed all his hard work at the gym. You want to get the nipples to the point where it’s almost begging for attention, because when you finally touch it, it will be supersensitive.

Once you’ve primed the pecs, use your tongue and try licking and flicking. Then softly blow some air on the nipple. The sensation of cool air on the moist nipple should wow him with waves of pleasure. Stay with this for about twenty seconds – no more. Proceed to nibbling just the nipple with your lips covering your teeth, and then take the entire pink part into your mouth and do the same. Again, another twenty seconds for this is plenty.

Now try the same routine with your teeth. A word of caution here: Start with gentle bites, not chews. If he likes this – and you should just ask him – increase the pressure. Some guys like a really strong grip, and others find that it hurts. Don’t get carried away as if you were munching on macadamia nuts. Use front teeth only, and stop if he says “ouch.” Another approach is to use your tongue and your teeth together. Place your two front teeth over the top of the nipple as you massage it from the underside with your tongue.

Next, try tugging on his nipples, one at the time, and then both together. By this we don’t mean yanking on them like you were trying to grab the ring on a carousel, but rather giving him a series of sensual squeezes. Grasp the nipple tips with the ball of your thumb and the side of your forefinger, and tug slightly away from his body. Alternate back and forth, between your right and left hands, sort of like milking a cow. If he seems to like it, add a little tweak and twisting action to your tug, continuing to pull the nipple tips away from his body. Most guys love it. Men think it’s like opening a safe, milking a cow, and pulling taffy at the same time.

A word on grips: Light as a feather does nothing here. If a guy’s nipples are sensitive, he wants to feel what you’re doing. Start gently, check his face to gauge his reaction, and then try a little harder. Some guys like a death grip on their nipples; for them, you might consider shopping around for nipples clamps, or asking your dentist for a pair of bib clips the next time you get your teeth cleaned. One last nipple tip: An ice cube from your handy glass of water on the nightstand can also make his tips tingle.

A friend in kneads is a friend indeed

Everyone likes a good massage, whether manual or mechanical. After a hard workout at the gym, your buoyant beau will relish a sensual stroking on his neck, chest, arms, back and legs. Mix up your massages with a gentle back scratching. We already told you to be careful not to pinch and pull hair, especially if he looks like Curious George in the buff. You may not know this, but most men really like a vigorous head massage. You’d kill him if he messed up your hot new hairdo, but he probably won’t care – unless he’s on Rogaine. Start at the temples and work your way back above the ears, using a firm pressure with your fingertips.

Assuming he’d facedown, move your hands toward his neck and shoulders; use just your thumbs lightly on his neck, and then a firmer grip on that often-tense area between his neck and shoulders. Use your whole hand to knead the muscles, adding some extra pressure from your thumbs. Don’t do this for too long or he may end up snoring before Mr. Stiffy goes soaring. While massaging his back, concentrate on the muscles that run along the sides of his spine. Never press on the spine itself.

Keep working your way down until you encounter the glorious globes of his gluteus maximus. An Argentine acquaintance tells us that the bottom burnishing is big in Buenos Aires; it may even be more popular than soccer. Start by pressing your thumbs into the epicenter of each buttock. Using a pretty forceful pressure, rotate your thumbs while you squeeze the rest of the buttock with your fingers. Whether your grip is strong from carrying grocery bags or Bergdorf bags, don’t be afraid to show your strength.

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