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Advanced Exotic Straight Sex Positions

Sex positions using common furniture items

It is highly recommended that couples try making love using some common furniture items (table, chair, sofa, etc.), which adds greatly to the variety and excitement of sex life.

The woman can lie comfortably on her back on the table and spread out her legs upwards, so that he can penetrate her easily standing near the edge of the table. This is a very comfortable position and the penetration is very easy. The man can support her legs with his hands. He can stimulate her genitals gently while thrusting. She will get moved around quite a lot in this position, therefore the man has to make sure she feels comfortable, for example, her head is not banging on the wall.

"Seated positions" are the first positions to try using a chair. The man has to sit own on a chair. The woman can lower herself on his penis by sitting down onto his lap. She can sit down on his penis facing him, facing away or sideways. In the face-to-face seated position the penetration is quite deep, and the position is highly erotic, especially for a woman due to high friction, which stimulates her clitoris. When facing away, the woman is the one to set tempo and she can take away some of her body weight by leaning forward a bit. In sideways position the penetration angle is not very deep and this position is mainly good for fooling around. It is very convenient for a man to reach and stimulate her genitals in the sideways seated position, which she will enjoy a lot.

Men will find themselves very passive in all seated positions and are highly unlikely to reach orgasm in this way. The woman however can reach orgasm, especially, in face-to-face seated position, which she is likely to enjoy very much. In the other seated positions, however, without additional stimulation by hand the woman is unlikely to climax either.

Tao positions

Taoists paid special attention to aesthetic pleasure from lovemaking. Therefore Tao positions can be regarded as beautiful sex for beautiful people, well, at least a beautiful woman.

In a "Two fishes" position partners have to lie side-by-side facing each other. After he penetrates her, he has to lift her legs onto his. Apparently, there will not be very much activity in this position, yet couples may find it interesting to try.

"Mandarin ducks" position is a rear entry position with both partners lying on their sides. According to Taoist book it is a very seductive way of having sex, when a man slips his penis into her vagina with her lying relaxingly (an erotic way to wake her up), but there are very little movements as if nothing is happening. In this position a woman can stimulate her breasts and nipples as he thrusts, and a man caress her body with his upper hand.

"Butterflies in flight" is woman-on-top position with both partners' legs kept together. In this position the woman controls the rhythm and his movements are very limited. This position allows for very close and sensual body contact.

In "Seagulls on the wing" position the woman lies back on the bed with her legs down over the edge of the bed. The man kneels down on the floor and enters her from a kneeling position. The advantage of this position is the unique penetration angle. In this position his penis and her vagina are parallel, which induces a high penetration angle, while in most other man-on-top positions the man thrusts downwards.

"The pine tree" position is excellent for men with shorter penis. A couple can arrive at this position from the common man-on-top position. He should pull himself up and towards her to arrive at different penetration angle. She raises her legs and wraps them around his back. This position allows for deep penetration and the woman can pull herself towards the man with her legs.

In "The galloping horse" position the man sits down on his knees and pulls the woman (lying on her back) onto his knees. The man thrusts while holding onto her neck and foot like a bareback rider clinging to the mane and tail of a speeding horse.

Simple exotic positions

"The first posture" is very similar to missionary man-on-top position. He should lift his whole body on his hands and legs. The woman should hold her hands around his hands and lift her legs to embrace his buttocks. A man with a long penis can adjust the length of penetration in this position easily in order to avoid her discomfort.

"Vine intertwined" is the same as "Upper scissors" position described under side-by-side positions.

"The one who stops at home" is an unusual man on top position. Lying on her back, the woman tenses and raises her bottom and swivels her hips as she thrusts upward. He should follow her movements and make sure his penis does not slip out. She should rest her weight on her shoulders, preferably leaning onto soft pillows.

"The sixth posture" is a kneeling rear entry position. The man can reach and stimulate her genitals with his one free hand, while supporting his weight with the other.

In a "One leg up" position a woman should lie on her back and raise her one leg. He should kneel down in order to enter her. In this position it is convenient for her to reach and rhythmically massage or squeeze his penis.

"A phoenix playing in a red cave" is a position when the man sits down keeping his legs together and she sits on his lap facing him. Both the man and the woman can either hold to each other or lean back supporting themselves with hands. This is a very deep penetration position. The movements of both partners are quite limited in this position, therefore the man is unlikely to reach orgasm in this position, but women will enjoy this position very much due to friction and active stimulation of the clitoris with his body.

To arrive at "The goat and the tree" position he should sit down on a chair-like object. The woman then sits on his lap with her back to his front. The woman can spread her legs for easier penetration and better access to her clitoris. The man's movements in this position will be very limited, but his hands are free to caress her breast and clitoris. Without additional stimulation of her clitoris the woman is unlikely to reach orgasm in this position.

Advanced exotic techniques

"Frog fashion"

In "The crying out position" a man has to sit down with his legs slightly spread out. A woman sits between his legs facing him. She lifts her legs over his elbows so that it is convenient for him to lift her. Then the man lifts her and moves her from side to side. She can also support her weight by leaning back on her hands.

"The tenth posture" requires the man to kneel between her legs and over her body. The woman then lifts her bottom so that his penis can penetrate her vagina. She can initiate the movement and the partners can rock their bodies in a comfortably cozy fashion.

"Butterfly" position scores the highest marks in sex quality and satisfaction. A couple will have to take some time to adjust comfortably for this position. You need to find a place (such as high bed or low table) where a woman can comfortably lie down on her back so that her vagina is approximately 30 cm lower than his penis while the man is standing in front of her. Then the woman should put her legs on his shoulders and raise her bottom so that her back is straight, and her vagina meets the penis. The man should support her back by holding her buttocks. The penetration angle in the butterfly position is deep and such that it allows his penis to reach the G-spot and the woman has a great feeling of "weightlessness" in this position, which makes it one of the most unforgettable positions for her. Lovemaking can be either very sensuous or energetic in this position.

Concluding remarks

Which sexual positions a couple uses depends solely on the partners. It will become obvious to loving couples, which type of stimulation is most enjoyed by the other partner. Partners can only gain from experimenting with unfamiliar positions, just because people like new things. No matter what is said or written your own satisfaction and physical comfort are the key determinants of your sex life, just don't be afraid to ask your partners for something new. Good luck.

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