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Anal Sex: How To Enter, Analingus, Positions

Overview of Anal Sex

No man can deny he has not been curious about anal sex. As opposed to straight sex, which practically all men enjoy, anal sex experience differs greatly from man to man. If you learn to do it comfortably, every man will love anal sex. The key things about anal sex are lubrication and, yes, tenderness.

Many women dislike anal sex simply because it hurts, but it should not be the case, and if done correctly women are likely to find it enjoyable and appealing. The greatness of anal sex lies in the fact that stimulating anus greatly enhances the body's erotic perception. Most people that have tried anal sex are surprised by the extremely strong sexual sensation it provides. A good lover can make the woman climax in anal sex by stimulating her genitals with hand, and that feeling will be something special for her.

Anal sex is good for spicing up a sex life for boring sex and good relationship is not something that comes together. Anal sex provides uniquely different feelings for both partners and both physically and in mind. Although anal sex is usually associated with roughness and harshness, it should generally be loving and gentle.

It is most recommended that you use condom in anal sex, even if you are absolutely sure that your partner has no diseases. Due to natural reasons there are a lot of bacteria in her ass that can make his penis swell and catch infection. Condom would also help you to gather semen, which a woman might fear be able to mess up her ass.

Be sure to use lubricants if you are going for anal sex. It is highly recommended that you read the guide's section about lubricants before you commence. If you are too lazy, however, remember to use water-based lubricant, which is compatible with condom.

How to enter

First penetration is the most difficult part of anal sex for the man is most likely to find her anus very tight and it is very likely for her to hurt a little or a lot depending on the skill of her lover. There is no easy advice around it. If the man is a caring and curious lover, he can ask her to enter a finger or two in his anus to get a much better understanding how it feels for her than any written advice can give.

The key in penetration is in tenderness and slowness. The anal sex will not be any good and will hurt if her ass will be tense. The man can start off with slowly sliding a well-lubricated finger inside her ass. The anus of the woman is likely to tense and relax in a more or less random fashion reacting to the presence of the external body. The man has to move the finger slowly both when sliding it in and pulling out, allowing her to adjust and relax.

The man should consider the size of his penis relative to the finger. Perhaps, he can allow her adjust to two fingers, after starting off with one. Then the man has to put the tip of his well-lubricated penis (preferably in condom) at her anus and slowly penetrate it. No rush and no quick movements, and it will work greatly.

Anal sex should not be very long, especially, until the woman's body is quite used to this kind of activity, simply because it will start to swell and hurt for her. With time however, her ass will get used to thrusting and feel very comfortably during anal sex.

About analingus

One other part of the body that some people enjoy licking, or having licked, is the anus. The anus has half the nerve endings in the pelvic region and many people find touching it to be sexually arousing. Although we haven't mentioned safer sex yet as part of this series, we will here: the anus and rectum carry many diseases that live quite benignly in your lower digestive tract, but which can be harmful in your mouth or stomach. Performing anilingus is a very risky behavior for a variety of bacterial infections. Refer to the section on safer sex techniques for ways to protect yourself if you or your partner enjoys this activity.

Anal Sex Positions

For actual intercourse, picking a position can be important. Many women want to be on top, to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Other like to lie on their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style, or to be penetrated while lying on their sides. Choose what's best before you start.

As always, control yourself. Take your time and use lots of lubricant. People who like anal sex say that "too much lube is almost enough." Listen to her -- if she tells you it starts to hurt, back off.

Eventually, a time will come during your lovemaking where her anus will relax enough to allow the head of your cock to 'pop' into her. If she is completely relaxed, that pop should feel completely painless. Now just because you're inside her is no reason to start pounding away like mad. Let her body adjust. Take your time. Eventually you will both be ready for more.

Anal sex is usually considered a 'nasty' sex and loving partners can make the best meaning of it. Good luck (you will need it much more than with straight sex)!

Work your way up to it -- as with any sex, it is often best to start out gradually, even away from errogenous zones completely. Remember how you used to fool around for hours before sex? It was pretty exciting, wasn't it. Anyway, even after you've gotten to the erogenous zones, you might consider performing cunnilingus/fellatio on them first. Simply work your way downward from there toward her anus, gradually.

An oil-based lubricant like Vaseline is advisable here, though not really for lubrication, simply because it's that final protection from any smell/taste you might worry about. Of course, you might not mind, but it was worth mentioning in case you did.

No matter what position you're using, your hands, or your partner's will probably be necessary to make access easier. You have far more control and better contact if their butt-cheeks are spread away from their actual anus.

What exactly to do, tongue-at-anus, varies a lot from person to person. Some prefer a light flicking, gently licking around the center, or gently pushing at it. Some prefer a deeper probing, with your tongue held rigid and pushed firmly inside.

Another method is to widen your tongue to apply pressure over the entire outside area...this is often much more stimulating than you'd imagine. Yet another good idea is to try firmly licking, or even sucking on, the perinium (the area between the anus and genitals.

The best method would be to combine all of these, and pay close attention to what your lover enjoys most. As in all sex, you would get them to believe in giving you a lot of feedback/signals, whether moaning, thrashing about, talking...whatever they are most comfortable with. They should increase or decrease this with their pleasure, so that you can learn what they like (it is different from person to person, this may be the most important secret of sex).

If you're going to engage in this for a long time, especially if you won't be switching back and forth between analingus and cunnilingus for texture, you probably will want to provide some stimulation to their genitals, as analingus is a pretty mild form of contact that probably won't bring them to orgasm, or even keep them heavily stimulated, all by itself.

However, remember that using your hands for stimulating her genitals will leave you short-handed for keeping her cheeks spread, so it is better to stimulate her genitals while you are in a comfortable position to freely thrust your penis in her ass.

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