Monday, December 1, 2008

Basic Intercourse Tips

Alright, intercourse… If you don’t know what this means we will refer to the fine art of "sticking it in’ or penetration of the vagina with the penis. Just talking about it and watching a porno can make it seem pretty easy until you have do it. However, when the time comes you may suffer from confusion, nervousness etc.

Using lubrication and ensuring foreplay can usually make things slide easier. This ensure that she is wet enough that it doesn’t hurt or the squeeze isn’t too tight. Don’t forget the porno kings and queens do this for a living and have had lots of practice at it.

Now assuming that you have passed the first test on where to put it, hehe, we move on to technique on how to have long lasting passionate lovemaking or quick rugged sex.

I mean the basic idea is to slide in and out of the vagina so both parties get stimulated, of course.

From there you can change pace by going faster, slower penetrating deeper or shallower. This usually has a lot to do with the positioning because this dictates who has the most control. An example is with the girl sitting on the male she has more control but in the missionary the man has more control over the action.

It is a very good idea to try different paces and levels of penetration. You will be able to tell what she likes by communicating or paying attention as to what works. It is always good to communicate before, during and after as to what to try and what worked and to find out what’s not working.

Some men with bigger dicks will find it easier to fill up a girl and cause more pleasure it that’s what she likes. If you are unfortunate you can compensate by movement. This movement is a circular movement while penetrating that helps to stimulate all sides of the vagina at different times. It’s basically wiggling your penis in circles while inside her. This technique can be used whether your "johnson" is the size of a building or a pebble.

Another thing you can do to get her going is try stimulating her clitoris, located on the external above her vagina at the top of her lips. If you do this, she will be happy in more than one way and it make take her less time to orgasm making you guys look good if you do it together.

On general consensus, the guy usually orgasms first and the female second. Ways to prevent this are slowing down and helping each other rise to the occasion. Please refer to the Orgasm section of this site.

Now that you know where your going, grasshopper, the rest will be in your hands and we cannot prepare you for everything so best of luck. Happy hunting!

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