Monday, December 1, 2008

Cunnigulus - Oral Sex on Women

Whether you’re experienced at eating pussy or want to give it a try, there are six things that every guy (or girl) should know. Oral sex is a great activity to bring into a relationship. It can bring direct pleasure to women, as well as giving a new way to experience a woman.

1) The first thing that a guy should know is how to approach the subject. There are two problems that might have to be overcome here, namely your apprehension and her insecurities. If you’re feeling nervous about performing oral sex, you can try some of these suggestions. If the area being unclean is a concern, taking a shower beforehand can be a great way to get things going and make the act more pleasant. If you are feeling squeamish about trying it, remember that eating pussy will put you a class above the rest to your woman. As well, if she knows that giving oral sex is as good as receiving she may be more likely to return the favor! If you’re concerned about not doing it right, fear not, you have this article!

Women in general are insecure about their bodies, especially their pussies. Women can’t directly see their pussies like guys can see their dicks. To women, their pussies can be as mysterious and confusing as they are to guys. To approach the subject to a reluctant woman, reassure her that she is beautiful and that she has a beautiful pussy that you just have to eat! This is not the time for pussy jokes. Instead, show her that you' re attracted the center of her sexuality.

2) Once you are both interested in trying oral sex, move yourselves to a comfortable secure place and get yourselves ready! This includes getting the woman turned on. You may already know how to pleasure her, but lots of kissing and caressing is always a good start. Your kisses and caresses should start to move down towards her pussy. Take special interest in kissing her inner thighs and tummy. Occasionally, brush your mouth or fingers against her pussy as a little tease to excite her. If she’s getting turned on then she should be eager for you to move to the next stage.

3) The third thing you should know about eating pussy, is the pussy. A pussy can be a confusing array of folds and crevices, but here’s how a pussy is shaped. The vagina entrance is the innermost tear-drop shaped opening. Immediately surrounding the vagina are two tear shaped lips. At the top of the vagina rests the clitoris. Surrounding the entire area are two larger folds. A woman’s pussy juice can be clear to whitish. While it has a distinct odor, it is virtually tasteless. Every woman’s pussy is different, so take a few minutes to get to know the one that you are going to enjoy. One of the best ways to learn about her pussy is by using your finger. Be sure that there is lots of lubrication. If there is not enough pussy juice, use commercial lubricants which are tasteless and add to overall pleasure. The tissues in the area are highly sensitive and can become raw if they are rubbed too much without enough lubrication. While you are exploring with your finger, watch her for reactions. Every woman has different spots of pleasure. Some external signs to watch for are moaning or adjusting her body to make sure your finger hits a spot or avoids a place.

To begin pussy eating, kiss around the area and bring your mouth down to her pussy so that you can begin exploring with your tongue. Run your tongue all over the area to see what places she likes the best. Let your mouth enjoy the different feels and sensations of her pussy. Eventually your exploring should lead you to her clit.

4) The fourth thing that guys should know is that a woman’s clit is the most sensitive part of her pussy. It is comparable to the head of a guy’s dick. Like a penis, it can rise and get hard until it resembles a little knob. When a woman isn’t turned on, it hides in the foreskin. Stimulating the clitoris is what leads a woman to orgasm, so stroke the knob with your tongue. A popular tongue motion is the “flicking motion” which is similar to a flickering candle. Move your tongue rapidly in and out of your mouth. Vary the pressure and angle that you push against the clitoris. This is certain to bring a woman to ecstasy!

5) The fifth thing to remember about pussy eating is to involve other activities. Try finger fucking her up her cunt or ass while you eat her pussy. This is a popular way to get her off. If she is slow in having an orgasm, don’t panic. It usually takes women longer to get off then men, so keep going. As well, don’t forget that women are capable of multiple orgasms. If you can give her multiple orgasms, she is not likely to forget your skill!

6) The sixth thing you should know is to be creative in pussy eating. Pussy eating, like anything else, can fall into the rut of routine. Spice up your oral sex by using a variety of techniques and toys. One of the easiest ways is to vary the temperature, by using cooler water or lubricant. The temperature change can be exciting to your tongue as well as to her pussy! You can also try taking a quick break from licking to blow softly over her pussy. If your woman is more kinky, sex toys from vibrators to flavored lubricants can easily be integrated into the act. The “69” position, where both partners give each other oral sex at the same time can be an equally rewarding way to eat pussy. Another option is to give oral sex anally because the anus has lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated.

So now you know the six things about eating pussy that are necessary to give a woman an incredible experience. Take your woman and show her that you are one of the guys out there who enjoys and isn’t afraid to eat pussy. Don’t forget that giving great head may be an art, but the fun is definitely in the practice.

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