Monday, December 1, 2008

Don't tell him what you want in bed - it's a sure turn off for him!

So don’t do it. Don’t say: “I want you to suck me here, blow me there, lick me here, position yourself there…” sure, he is interested to know all about this, but not in bed and not after lovemaking. Be subtle. But not as subtle as a brick swinging against a wall. Tell him about yourself on earlier dates by all means. ”I love a man to go down on me,” you could say, in a restaurant, or walking down the beach. But if you say it in bed it comes over like a command. It is different if he asks you. That is OK. If he says to you in bed, can I go down on you?

Do you like being licked out? Or words to that effect, (and what honest woman doesn’t?) then just say, “Ooooh yeah, hmmm, please ...,” not some intellectual gibberish or commanding remark like “Yes, I expect it." He will fuck you off on some silent level of his mind. It is a process; don't get in the way of your own pleasure or his by putting your big foot in it. No one likes being told what to do. Everyone hates it, even if you are being paid. Asked is nice. Persuaded is OK. Have some respect for him and explore the boundaries of what he knows and coax the new knowledge forward, rather than ram it down his throat, if you don’t want him to ram it, so to speak, down yours ... Without getting your mood right first. Then he can, can’t he?


Men love to see their cocks going in and out of your mouth. It’s really childish. But there it is. Position the mirrors if you need mirrors. He can see without mirrors and so can you if you look down. But it might not be too good for your neck. But glance down occasionally and take that in and out in with your mind. It’s a good one to replay when you want to punish your clitoris later on. Let's face it; we all love to run the movie of an old shag. In that regard we are just like men, and we hide it better. But they don't know. They don't lie so convincingly as we do about our little masturbation tricks. They only know if we are aroused even if we are lying to them by the wetness of our vaginas.

But the body doesn't lie!

Take those mental photographs, as it heightens the pleasure in the moment. Men love to watch themselves going in and out of your vagina. Isn't that understandable? We love it too. Half the camcorders in the world are made for those sex home movies and don’t we just know it. You might be at the stage and you might have grown out of t. Look that is his cock and that is my vagina and we are having sex, live, right now, on TV. It is very thrilling. And it is a lot of fun. This can be very liberating. But believe me, you do grow out of it. But don’t grow out of it before you have tried it. All the foreplay is about that very act. In and out. The copulation that makes the babies. It is like he is starring in his own sex film with you as his co-star. You can think of yourself as the star too. The next big fantasy for men is the one they will shell out dollars for. They buy all the porn films for. They buy all the girly magazines for. So use that too.

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