Monday, December 1, 2008

Forget the romantic beach sex scene ... sex is everywhere!

They love to have their cocks sucked straight out of their zipper in a restaurant, in a car, in the elevator, in the office at his desk. In the stationary cupboard. In the parking lot. In the garage. Anywhere. Everywhere. Down an ally and up against a wall. The more unusual the better. They sell you the romantic beach sex scene, or the expensive hotel room, but that is all a waste of money and time. That is hotel propaganda. You can get your rocks off anywhere anytime.

One girl friend of mine is a teacher. She drives to school, everyday early, about 7.30AM. Everyday she passes this hunk of a man jogging alone along the beach and she tells me she gets really wet and wants to fuck him. She gets down the road and parks up and gives herself a good masturbatory experience and then drives on to the school. Until one day she realizes that she can have a go. He can only say no.

She stops the car the next day and she calls out to him and strikes up a conversation with him. She is neatly dressed in a skirt. (It always helps to be dressed in a skirt by the way. It’s a lot of hassle getting off your trousers for a quick one). He is delighted. He fancies her. She moves up close to him and she drums up the nerve to touch him there, right on his cock. She only had to do it once for him to know that he was being "given permission" to fuck her. He smiles and doesn't resist her. No man would. She pulls down his shorts. Ok he is a bit sweaty, but it is clean sweat. And she goes down on him using the car door as a shield from any traffic. She sucks him off for about three minutes then he spins her over and pushes her over the seat and pulls her knickers to one side and rams her from behind, and she gets a good fuck. She makes the appointment with him to meet him every day right there and so she gets to start her day not with a wank but with a shag.

She doesn't know his name and he doesn't know hers. But it’s happening. It’s happening only because she had the nerve to initiate it. How many women out there have the guts to initiate the sexual encounter and get what they want? Try it on. See what happens. Leave no room for doubt. I tell you, if there is any chemistry between you at all, it is going to happen.

Men love to have their trouser buttons and unzipped by you before you pull out the jade stalk and start sucking it, but this can be risky if you are not sure if he is clean enough. No woman really likes to suck on smegma. If you don't know what smegma is, use your imagination. It’s the grime that can build up around a man's helmet if he is at the end of his working day and hasn't had a chance to shower off.

But then by the second or third date, if you don't already know him, you will know the state of the art by then. The same goes for venereal diseases. Use your head. Caution. If you don’t know anything about venereal diseases then a good book shop or library will sort that out. Make a point of understanding that. This is not the place for that material. That is up to you to get yourself wise on. On with the show:

Men love to wank themselves off while you hold the helmet of their cock in your mouth while you are licking and sucking. They love to feel their own hands on their cock in your mouth. They like to do that with their cocks inside your vagina too. Why? Because - like us - they are familiar with their own hands. It is kind of reassuring to them. It completes the sexual fantasy, bridges it to have you a part of it.

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