Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hats Off To Cocksuckers

Hats off to the cocksuckers of the world. They make guys feel good often at some discomfort to themselves. I love and respect the women who have sucked my cock and treat them well. I have never seen it as a one-way street and I always (try to) return the favor.
Here's the way I like it. Yes, the hard-on's gotta be there. I never ask a girl to stick my soft-off in her mouth. Sometimes I gotta suck some tit or kiss some ass first, but I do and make sure it's rock-hard and exciting before I stick it in her mouth. It's not just a feeling, it's a whole experience.

I like a good view of the lips and the cock. It turns me on a lot more when she doesn't handle my cock, but keeps the whole thing visible to me. Look me in the eye with a look dripping with sex. IT'S TRUE, you can have a cock in your mouth and NOT look sexy. Act like your turned-on. Better yet, relax and get really turned on.

Slurp it up. I think the French say, "The more noise you make, the more you are enjoying your culinary delights." Works for me!

Let's get the odors floatin'. Play around a little first. I think pheromones are the fundamental turn-on and most of us don't even know it. Personally, burying my nose in a sweet pussy while I'm gettin' sucked off is a little distracting, but sometimes I get so into the pussy that I kinda (really only kinda) forget about the blowjob. The wonderfulness of the pussy raises my interest to the max and squirt-squirt I cum about that pussy ten times harder than I would without the blowjob. A fantastic way to enjoy a pussy and I think the smell is the key.

A delicate subject among the ladies. I've had it land in my mouth when I was beatin off in bed. Ka-tooie! I can see how you'd get used to it, but it will never be ambrosia. (Thanks again, Cocksuckers!) Back to the subject - do some kissin' or that trick that gets your perfume all over me.

I've had hundreds of blowjobs from hundreds of ladies (I do hookers). Most feel great, some hurt, and some are boring. GET INTO IT. Being delicate with a cock doesn't make sense. Get some suction going. Keep your teeth outta the way until you learn how to use them. For me, anyway, get as much cock meat into your mouth as you can. Don't just suck his cock. Make love to it like you want it to shoot and you can't wait.

It's a whole experience. You might be 'willing' to take a cock in your mouth, but that's not enough in the 00's where lousy blowjobs are a reality. There's a major message here:

"The best I blowjob I ever had was from the girl that liked it the most herself."

That's no bullshit. Girls who really wanna suck and fuck are the biggest turn-ons of all. I suspect this is true for virtually all men.

It's a rotten macho-women-hater's word that pretends to disrespect women who like sex. Many of the women I have known want to please their man (or men), but don't want to cast themselves as some kinda whore. Don't do that! There's no such thing as a whore (if I'm wrong, then the truth is we are all whores). Get into it. Get the negligees. Get the oils. Turn the lights on. Throw the covers back. Strut your stuff. Smother him with your tits. Get naked. Get down!

p.s. If you're hooked up with a whoremongerin macho asshole, I don't care how handsome and big and popular he is, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE AND GO ENJOY YOUR OWN LIFE!

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