Monday, December 1, 2008

He will love you for swallowing his cum. Swallow it!

He will love you for rubbing it all over your body. He will love you for accepting his orgasm. It’s your way of accepting his ecstasy as part of your own. Its a sure fire turn on. He will probably want to buy you things afterward and take you out to dinner and give you plenty of attention, for the simple reason that you gave it to him at that crucial moment. But if your energy doesn't work together you may find it hard at first, but give it time.


It is simple. NO man would refuse if you told him straight: Take me home and fuck me. You won't need to say it twice. Most women are wired to play all sorts of games first. To play cat and mouse.

To decide whether they want to or not, and not on the first date. This is a matter of temperament. He may think, you thin, that you agree a slut if you say it straight like that. He may and he may not. He may be grateful that he doesn't have to go all round the houses to get you where he wants you, under him, naked and with your legs wide apart and your mouth open. He may think you are a slut and he may be an uptight git, too. You can work this out and judge the right approach. But if you want to be sure of getting him in bed, and take it out of the maybe and Maybe Not arena, then you can give him the look with your eyes and if he doesn't quite have the bottle to tell you he wants you, then you can nestle up to him and kiss him on the neck and simply whisper the words, "I want you, tonight"...that is the same thing. He won't need a second reminder. You just decide where and go.

The number of missed opportunities because women feel that they have to play the stupid game of making him guess if he is taking a risk. This can be fun for the Romeo type of man who wants to challenge himself and see if he can score with you. But most men would be afraid of getting rejected at the crucial hurdle and resign themselves to wanking about it later on in the solitary lonely bed. It is a shame, when you could be shagging all night with him instead. Sure, you might go off and score somewhere else if the night is young and so might he, but why chance it? If you fancy him, and he fancies you, and you want to get between the sheets tonight, then a man will not refuse if he knows he is home and dry. He is not going to turn down a definite shag with you. I told the man I had fancied for years, when he flew over from England to the States to see me, on the phone straight out, so he would think about it all the way. I just said it to him on the phone, to take all the guesswork out of it for both of us. I simply said, "When you get here I want to sleep with you". He just said, "I am on my way" He came over and I met him at the air port and we went home and went straight to bed, then we caught up on each other's news and it all worked out. He would not have said it to me. So I said it to him. He bought me some cologne on the plane.

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