Monday, December 1, 2008

Masturbation techniques for him

Masturbation is a normal healthy part of life for most males. Most males do do this for various reasons. They do this for sexual stimulation, a feeling of security, self esteem etc. It is very normal and is practiced by males from all over the world. Basically masturbation is the touching, of one's self in a sexual nature for the purpose of stimulation and usually orgasm.. Now, we recognize that most males do it, but we also thought that we may be able to help take this exercise to another level with some ideas and tricks.

Always remember that all guys are different, what stimulates one guy may not do it to another. However there are basic guidelines, acting as a starting point, that help males learn what they like and where there bodies are the most sensitive. This information may also be useful to females giving them ideas on what they could do to stimulate or surprise their partner. In general it is a good idea to experiment and find out what suites you.

Without getting too technical, it's always a good idea to start off by going over the anatomy of the male genitals... just in case....

Testicles- The testicles or "balls' are the located in the sac (scrotum) that hangs below the male penis. These are usually very sensitive and should be contacted with extreme caution. They are generally not used during masturbation however it is reported that some males enjoy the squeezing and rubbing of their testicles during the process of masturbation and usually right before or during orgasm. It is strongly recommended that you consult your partner or test the water yourself as your pleasure may end swiftly when targeting this attraction

Shaft- The shaft of the penis is moderately sensitive and runs from your body to the head of your penis.

Head- The head of the penis is extremely sensitive and if often the point of no return when stimulated. When worked in cooperation with shaft stimulation for a period of time orgasm usually occurs.


A basic technique to simple male masturbation for a lot of guys is stimulating the penis by stroking the penis up and down with your hand at different speeds for a period of time. This is done by cupping your hand around the penis shaft and stroking toward and away from your body so your hand navigates up and down the shaft.

Some people prefer to use lubricant when doing this as friction becomes a problem and extended exercise may start to hurt. Using substances like vaseline and lubricants can result in a more intense and faster orgasm, however it again, relies in the individual. A smart idea would be to use a condom which cuts down on "cock burn" and cleans it's own mess up.


The following are advanced techniques that can be used for masturbating.

"Snow Mitt" - Using a thick padded insulated snow glove can usually add warmth to a cold winter's night.

"The Palm"- Use the head of your penis and rub it in a circular motion against palm of an open hand. You can try using using lubricant by putting a little bit in your palm.

"Using Two Hands" - Try using the basic motion but incorporating both hands into play and stroking your penis up and down with hopefully double the fun.

"Pillowy Soft"- To mimic the sensation of a vagina, try placing two pillows on top of each other and thrusting into them. The pillows provide friction within a soft feel. Try using a condom or lubrication to make things slide better.

"Electric Blowjob" - Using an attachment or the vacuum hose can mimic the sensation of dry sucking against your penis but for God's Sake...Be careful!

"The Finger Routine" - Try using one or two fingers and rubbing the underside of the penis up and down. Use your thumb to stimulate the head of the penis while the finger(s) do the stroking.. This technique can use one, two, three fingers or a finger from each hand. The possibilities are truly endless but the results can come really quick.

"Humping The Hand" - Make your hand into a vagina by making a fist and slowly thrusting your penis through it. Lubricant can be a good idea. Another alternative is using both hands and going fist after fist causing a never-ending vagina.

"The Belly Flop" - Use your erect penis and slap it against your belly button. Alternate speeds and contact time can work wonders.

"Skin Rollover" - Use the skin right before the head of the penis and slowly rub the head of your penis. The result will be that your shaft skin will slowly roll over the head going back and forth. This technique may not require lube and is good for a "quick fix".

"Silk Sheets" - Try using either silk or sheets and stimulate your penis from on top of the material. They way you do this is completely up to you. Use your imagination.

"Thigh Heaven" - Stick your erect penis between your upper thighs and slowly rub them together.

"The Not So Married Ring" - Make a ring using your "pointer finger" and your thumb and use this as the way to a new land!

"The Ultimate Grip"- Take a tight grasp of your penis and squeeze at different intervals alternating between hard and soft.

"Very Fruity" - Although different, many a fruit or vegetable have made for great sex in the past. Cut a hole and "Go to town"! Useful examples include watermelon, pies etc.

"H20 All The Way" - Using water to help yourself out isn't a bad idea. Try taking the shower head off and spraying different parts and at point blank range. The result can be very pleasurable.

"Greasing Elbows" - The elbows are another tool that men can used to produce friction. You figure the rest out.


If you are looking for something a little bit more elaborate, there are sex toys from artificial vaginas to pocket pussies to vibrators that can spin the juice, so to speak. You can check them out at our discreet on-line store (the link will open in a new window so that you do not lose your place here).

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