Monday, December 1, 2008

More penis secrets

Or rather his penis wants to be up as many women as possible, and the poor man has to follow it, unless he has some will power to control his penis. His penis is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Sometimes that works to our advantage and sometimes it works against us. If we are married to him, it can work against us. It is called infidelity then. If he isn’t married to us, and he isn’t married at all, then it works for us, and he is fair game, and so are we. We are all hunters in the fields of sex play. This is best illustrated straight from nature. Take the old fashioned male sheep, the ram. You put one ram in a filed full of ripe female sheep and that ram will want to inseminate every single sheep in the field. He will mount each one until he drops.

He will keep going until he literally cannot “do” another sheep. That ram is hard wired to inseminate as many sheep as his energy will permit. Men are the same. You put a man in a room with ten women all of whom are accepting of him and who are sexually attractive to him and that man will want to shag every one of those women. He is hard wired that way. He will, to put it bluntly, fuck and fuck until he drops from sheer exhaustion, around the clock. The point is that this is a natural genetic impulse. It’s meant to be that way. The procreation of the human species depends upon that genetic hard wiring. It can’t be changed. Neither should it be. The resultant social tensions of a man actually doing that are what half the women’s magazines in the world discuss endlessly week in and week out. There is always some new variation on the theme. But when you boil it down, that is what it all comes down to. He wants to fuck everything with a vagina, and women want him to dedicate himself lovingly and forever to just one woman, just one vagina. That brings me to another question. A big one.


Every one has heard that great Tina Turner song,” What’s love got to do with it?” Indeed! Even if he loves you and you love him, that genetic hard wiring doesn’t change. It may cause him to be loyal, socially conditioned and accept his lot as hunter-gatherer for the family, and help the social fabric to stay together and foster the family spirit. But really, you could say that even with love and marriage, when it comes to sex, love hasn’t got much to do with it. A woman wants to be taken care of in marriage and if hubby is good at that, and keeps us satisfied in bed too, the chances are that we will be faithful to him.

But the number of working women who are sexually unfaithful to their working husbands is shocking and unprintable. Everyone lies about it to keep the peace. OK, there are loyal husbands and there are loyal wives. Of course there are. And love has everything to do with it. And the way you have been brought up. And social conditioning. But sex by and large has a mind of its own. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so much attraction between us going on, would there? Think about it. The only thing that stops us and men from getting it on more in and out of marriage is mostly fear. But those fear barriers are coming down. Men and women are growing closer and more accessible to each other each year. Feminism is dying out. One of the biggest causes of Feminism is sexual frustration. Sexual frustration has a lot to answer for. This booklet is about how to make sexual frustration a thing of the past.

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