Monday, December 1, 2008

Oral Sex on Men: Another View

As I've dated men and had sexual encounters with them I've noticed that all of my lovers have liked oral sex. Because of this, I've decided to share what they've told me to provide a guide to how to give the perfect blow job.

Overcoming obstacles

I know of problems where even if you want oral sex, you're lover isn't into the idea. I've been there. Here are some things that can make giving blow jobs easier. If you're lover simply doesn't like the idea, try bringing it up gently. Make sure that your lover understands that it would mean a lot if they tried and that you don't expect them to be perfect at it. As well, giving your lover oral sex could be a great way to get them to return the favor!

When I first started sucking cock, I found that it was easiest to do when my lover and I were showering together. All the water seemed to relax me and make me feel more open to the idea.

Another way is to use chocolate pudding or whipped cream. Spread it around the penis and have your lover lick it off.

Swallowing is generally only for the more-experienced cock-sucker. For newcomers I'd advise them to swallow fast until they can develop a taste for cum. Swallowing fast prevents gagging. If your lover is uncomfortable with swallowing at the beginning, try not coming in her mouth and finishing it with a hand job until your lover feels more comfortable. Coming in your lover's mouth when they are not ready or prepared could cause them to be uninterested in oral sex in the future. That would be a shame.

Another tip that I have for beginners is to swallow often while you are sucking to avoid getting a build-up of pre-cum in your mouth.

The sucking

I like to start my blow jobs by rubbing my lover's penis over my face. I kiss it and lick it gently, then run it over my cheeks and eyelids. I'll gently massage his dick until he's nice and hard. Once he's got an erection, I'll take it into my mouth and start to suck. Some men like to have teeth rubbed gently over their cock and some men don't. If he does like it, be careful not to rub your teeth too hard. The penis is actually quite sensitive and that sort of rubbing can be painful.

I find it best to use my lips to put pressure on the penis. As I move his dick in and out of my mouth I squeeze it with intensifying pressure. I use my tongue to rub around the head and shaft of the cock. I find it useful to move the dong around in my mouth so that my tongue can get at the head from every angle.

The fondling

Another important part of giving a great blow job is to use your hands. I like to rub my hands up and down my lover's piece as I'm taking it in and out of my mouth. This gives him maximum stimulation. As well, I like to run my hands over his balls, gently rubbing them and massaging them.

It's important to read your lover as you are giving oral sex. I find that taking a break from the sucking can prolong the orgasm and make it more intense. This can be tricky though. You don't want to slow down right when they are about to have an orgasm. Slow down earlier just when they are starting to get pleasantly aroused. When I slow down, I like to stop sucking and take some time to just rub his cock firmly and lick and tease the head a bit with the tip of my tongue. When he starts to relax a bit, I'll start sucking with more intensity. Just remember not to let him get too relaxed or he'll lose interest. After slowing down once or twice, I'll build up my sucking speed until he finally cums.

The cuming

One of my past lovers once told me to press firmly behind his balls just before he came. He said that pressing there increased the intensity of his orgasm. That's something that you might enjoy playing with. Just don't press hard enough to hurt him.

When my lover comes, I usually swallow, although sometimes, he finds it as exciting to come all over my face or chest. If they want to come on me, I treat them by rubbing it up with my fingers and licking it off. If I'm feeling naughty I'll continue to lick and rub his cock after he's come. After he comes, his cock is really sensitive and continuing to rub it gives him a feeling somewhere between ticklish and pleasurable.


Getting oral sex is different for every man. Every guy has his only way he likes it. Watch his reactions as you play around and ask him what he likes. One of my lover's fantasies is to wake up while he's getting a blow job. Check and see if he has any interesting fantasies or interests. As well, don't be afraid to play around and try new things. Putting a frozen grape or ice cube in your mouth as you suck him off can give him and you an interesting sensation. As well holding a vibrator up to your cheek while you're sucking or just rubbing it on the head of his wang` can cause some guys pleasure.

No one should be expected to perform oral sex perfectly the first time. Its something that gets easier the more that its done. Now isn't that a great way to suggest practice?

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