Monday, December 1, 2008

Reach and burn your orgasm to white-hot!

We might take some warming up, ladies, but when we start to burn, we burn white-hot, whereas our favorite little shagging star can usually only reach red-hot. When he cums, he needs to rest up for an hour afterwards before he is fit to ride us again, whereas we can go on orgasming more intensely in waves, each wave more intense than the last until we can actually pass out from sheer pleasure. Remember that shameless woman played by Jane Fonda called Barbarella. She burned out the pleasure machine because her orgasms sucked the juice out of the machine until it caught fire and exploded. Her clitoris beat the machine. There is a holy truth in there somewhere. Shameless woman! What a great film that was. All about sexual innocence and liberation. Well-done, Jane!

Our capacity for pleasure is nine times greater than a man’s. But if you want to know why, you will have to watch this web site as the PRINCIPLE OF NINES is a whole branch of SEXUAL TANTRA and is the subject of a another booklet altogether and you are going to want to know all about that if you really want to become a goddess in bed. All women want to be goddesses in bed, don’t they? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they should. But before we run, let’s crawl, and then walk. Let’s be modest climbing that mountain called his cock and your clitoris and then maybe we can stand some chance of reaching the peaks of sexual ecstasy. Those twin peaks. His peak and your peak. You never know if we can get switched on and educate him into how it works for us; it may even cause a sexual revolution. It’s about time there was another one of those. Men and women, let’s face it, love to fuck each other, we all love a good shag, and if we say we don’t, we are either lying, or we need a doctor.

So let’s call it what it is. If we need highbrow, intellectual, artistic discussion on the point of female pleasure, literature has many wonderful examples, in the works of Simone de Beauvoir, and Anais Nin, both exceptionally gifted courtesans of genius, and wonderful writers. Perhaps those tow illustrious legends of sensuality and female sexuality would agree with this approach: Don’t tell him what you want. The accent is on the word “tell”. That is a sure turn off for most men. If you say “no, I want you to do this, or that” in the sack, it will just make him think you are a domineering bitch and turn him off the idea of a good shag. And you are! Face it. If he starts to suck on your nipples and you push him down to your vulva, he may like it and he may not. If he doesn’t like it, you’ve blown it. If he likes sucking your nipples he may work his way down there. Be patient.

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