Monday, December 1, 2008

Sex with four women and one man

The logic behind this numbering of four women is simple. One on one is the way we have chosen to have it in the west, unless you are Arabic and can been of several wives to one man, or a Mormon, where multiple wives are also permitted. But by and large its one on one. Two can arouse jealousy eventually between the two women when a man’s starts to sexually “prefer” one of the women over the other (And he may not do that, but it is rare, a rare man who will share with both women straight down the middle); three women, then we are cats. We always gang up on one, or the poor mite that gets ganged up on by the other two. Inevitable. It just happens. Two will always gang up on one in a three-woman-scene. Trust me on that. If you don’t believe me, try it and see what happens. It will happen. Even among very gentle, fair minded and intelligently sensitive women. It’s the way women naturally behave. We can be pretty ferocious with each other, much more than any man can imagine, in fact. So the answer is four women. Equanimity. No ganging up. If two gang up on one girl, the other will even the score naturally. Rarely will three gang up on one, and if that happens, the man will choose the one ganged up on, so that back fires. These social dynamics come from the observances of ancient tantric teachings and have been proved to be true down through the ages.


Aroma therapy and massage.
Once you have picked your fellow lady accomplice for the Gobbling Fishes tantric Act, and you have persuaded your lucky man, and its all arranged, try a little poetry and music before you get undressed and jump in the sack together. Women take a lot more warming up than men. He might be grateful. At first he might feel outnumbered. Make him feel at his ease, at whose house or apartment has been chosen. (If not a hotel will do). Spend some time warming up.

A glass of red or white wine wouldn’t go amiss, either, but don’t overdo it. It will be enough just to loosen up, relax and feel comfortable. If you are all real new then you will be into Aroma therapy and Massage, and where there is a threesome combination like this, aroma therapy and massage will just work an absolute treat as a prelude. Nice smelling oils, taking it in turns to give each other a rub down and progress into love making gently and naturally from there. After all, what’s your hurry. Make sure that you are all comfortable about time and that you are all agreed that you all have plenty of time and that one of you, especially him, has to leave early. Make sure that you choose a day that you all have time to play. Soft lights, good music, oil, and take your time.

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