Monday, December 1, 2008

Sex with two Women and one man

It’s called The Gobbling Fishes. Some women in the west may feel uncomfortable with the idea of going with another woman in bed with one man. It will turn him on. Men are forever fascinated with the idea of having sex with more than one woman. Women find each other much more erotic and sensual than men find each other. A man loves to watch two women playing with each other. It’s a real turn on for him, a real treat. It can also put us women in touch with the more sensual side of our nature. Its not strictly speaking a lesbian encounter when there is a man present in bed, and involved in the sexual act, but it is nevertheless a lesbian type of experience. This is less trouble some to women that it is to men. Men are either that way inclined or they are dead against sexual involvement with their own sex. They are strictly straight. Strictly heterosexual.

A good red-blooded male attitude, too, and not to be discouraged. Occasionally you come across a bi sexual male, but mostly men who love to go with two women at the same time are fairly confident about their sexuality and fairly confident about their ability to satisfy. It can be quite nerve wracking if you have never done it before. So much depends on your choice of partner and even if you manage to get the right two partners, another woman and the right lucky man, there is the issue of dealing with the attendant guilt. You have to make certain that you go into a three some with a clear decision that you are not going to feel guilty about it afterwards. That guilt would take the shine right off a potentially very interesting experiment in your own sensuality. It should be encouraged.

The man will probably think that a sexual encounter with two women “at the same time” means, first he goes with one of the women, and then with the other, alternating between the two of you. But it need not be like that. One woman can go down on his, giving him a good blow job, a fellatio ...

... gratification if you want the posh expression, and the other gives him the full sensual lip exploration, mouth kissing, body fondling. Both of you can go down on his, taking it in turns to take the phallus in your mouth. That can be very exciting for all involved. One can be licking on his balls, the other giving him the sucking off. Again alternating. Then, if you are firmly in the driving seat and in synch with your fellow girl playmate, you can take in turns to “ride” the Bronco. Sliding on top of his cock for a bounce, and then controlling yourself and giving your friend a chance. While she is on him, the other can be shagging him and vice versa. But whatever you do, stay involved. Don’t roll over and let her have it off with him. Waiting your turn. Stay sensually involved, no matter who is getting the ride. Swap over regularly. He will think he has died and gone to heaven. It’s a good sign, it means you are doing something right. But there is way you can both be directly and intimately involved, and it comes from Tantric Yoga. It is called the Gobbling Fishes, a direct reference to the appearance of your pussy.

The positioning is as follows. If he does not instigate this himself, and he may not know, or have even heard of it, then her is your big chance to teach himself about love making. Something for him to tell all his friends about. The larger one of you girls, if there is a noticeably larger one lies on her back on the bed and spreads and arches her legs nice and comfortably. The second girl, the lighter one then straddles her. Now, here’s the tricky part. The idea is you rub your pudenda bones together so that your vaginas are making direct contact with each other. The girl underneath may find it more comfortable if she raises her hips up. Put a pillow under your buttocks to support that extra bit of lift you need. Maybe even two pillows, whatever you need to get that lift, so that your pelvis can rest easily and without strain.

Not inserting into either vagina but right where the clitoris ...
Now you maneuver your willing male subject behind the girl on top. You get him to insert his penis between the Gobbling Fishes. Not inserting into either vagina, but right where the clitoris would make contact with his penis at the same time. Picture it. OK. Then you rub and move together, his in and out motions are directly massaging both your clitoris areas simultaneously, and this excitement causes the vaginas to open up and moisten into what the ancient ones called the Gobbling Fishes, because the vaginas now look like the mouths of two gobbling fishes. It’s a simple description, but an elegant and perfect way to involve two women simultaneously in love making with one man. This will also enable him to make love to both of you without feeling that either is waiting in turn.

You can be kissing each other and fondling each other’s breasts and his hands will be most comfortably be resting on the buttocks of the one above, and occasionally sliding under your belly to fondle your waist and hips and breasts and belly. Gradually, as the lovemaking continues apace and excitement mounts he will begin to slide his penis first into one of your vaginas and then into the other, alternating the thrust from one to the other at each stroke, or every few strokes. As he does this you continue to rub your pudenda bones together, and the one underneath can even jam her thumb and forefinger into the clitoral areas of both of you and keep the feeling of clitoral excitement mounting as he thrusts alternately into each vagina. This combination works so supremely well and can being all three of you to a shattering climax.

The one on the bottom can also change places with the one on the top if this is comfortable and you feel comfortable. Experiment. Guide him into these experiences. Educate him into these pleasures and be receptive to any variations on the themes he may creatively introduce. These techniques are not hard and fast.

Be sensitive about the climaxes. The chances are the two women will be able to synchronize their climaxes more easily together than with the man, but if one should come before the other stay with the process and bring the other off. If he cums first, before either of you then you keep the motion going, rubbing and masturbating each other, and if he gets off then don’t stop. If he is sensitive he will go down on one of you while the other woman goes down on her friend and finishes the sexual process that way, to orgasm. Use your imagination. Go with the feeling.

The Gobbling Fishes was a common love making posture among the emperors of Ancient Asia and China many thousands of years ago, where noble men and women practiced multiple lover sex. This was worked up into an art form, and became a very refined form of sexual gratification. It is only just beginning to become recognized and used again as the ancient manuscripts are becoming translated and appearing in the West.

The Gobbling Fishes doesn’t take much practice, it just takes a little courage, choosing the right partners and combinations of partners and being sensitive about each others sexual excitement process. If you develop and practice this with the same partners each time, then at a later point you can introduce new partners to the process and gradually extend your repertoire of experiences.

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