Monday, December 1, 2008

What Tantra says about semen of two men

Tantra has something to say about this. A woman must never allow the semen of two men to be inside her at the same time. That is a golden rule for all women, unless one of the two men is using a condom. But even then, energy wise it doesn’t ultimately do the women any psychological good at all. Either one on one, or more than one woman and one man. But never one woman and several men, or just two men at the same time. The semen fight and it is you, the woman that pays the price on the operating table.

The next little piece of information you need to know is that if you are a woman who has a number of lovers and or even two lovers and you alternate between them secretly then remember this. The semen is alive inside you for three full days and nights regardless of how ell you flush yourself out after a love making session. Semen is very small and it swims fast and upwards to places where the flushing won’t reach.

The semen is still inside you for three days. If you take another lover in that time and he comes inside you also, then the semen is going to fight. The semen is alive for that length of time. It is physically and psychologically dangerous for a woman to have two or more men’s semen inside her at the same time.

She might get away with once or twice, but if she does this too often, then sooner or later she is going to get ill and her gynecologist will be asking strange questions you won’t want to answer. The answer is that if you are going to have more than one, lover, then spread the space out between having sex with each one by four, five even six days and constantly flushing yourself out. Ante bacteriological soap doesn’t kill semen. Semen is not a bacteria,. It is actually the purest of all biological proteins. That is why if you swallow too much of it you will probably put on weight. But we are talking about pints of semen here, not a few mouth full three times a week. That will only make your skin improve.

A cosmetics company will one day find a formula that can use the essential proteins and perhaps produce some variation that can really produce an ageing slow down for the skin.

Ooopps, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. Ok. Here goes for another secret.


A man’s semen contains nutrients that are so pure and so perfect that if a woman were to swallow his semen regularly she would notice after a few months that her skin was taking on a new luster. It makes sense when you think about it. Sperm after all is the very stuff from which babies are made. It is the masculine half of the equation. It is the purest of the pure, cleanest of the clean protein. It’s so pure and so clean that it cannot be manufactured by medical science. If medical science could produce sperm based cosmetics, they would work.

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