Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Women and Anal Sex: The Forbidden Zone of Pleasure

There's an area of a woman's body that is a secret erogenous zone, and there are a lot of guys who still haven't discovered it, or know how to use it. This place is a woman's anus.

That's right, her ass.

There are a large number of nerve endings in the rectum, making it a prime target for sexual stimulation. There is even a theory that a woman is sexually aroused by practically any kind of stimulation in a zone around her genitalia. Adding a little erotic attention to her backside can reap you a whopper of an orgasm that will have her begging to repeat the pleasure.

If she's ready and has had anal sex before, chances are you can just let her tell you how to start the proceedings. But if she hasn't tried taking any penetration back there, you need to work into it slowly.

Keep in mind, there are some important things to be aware of when you start heading towards her back door:

- First, always ask before you explore. You can do this in a very gentle way, such as putting your finger close by and asking "Do you mind, or do you prefer not?" You can also do this without asking by just running your fingers down her butt when she's on top of you. Tease your way very close, but not quite touching her anus. This is a kind of hint. Now, watch and feel for her body language. If she stops moving, or tenses up when you get close, she may have issues, and you should stop and talk about it again later. If, instead, she perks her little booty up in the air and grinds, she's probably indicating some interest.

(I've found that if you're already in a sexual relationship with a woman, you can usually just jokingly bring the topic up about a 'friend' of yours and see what her reaction is. Every woman I've ever done this with has made her feelings known right away about this.)

- Always use some kind of lubrication. Always.

- It’s always painful until she relaxes, so go VERY slowly. Start by just pressing on her butt with your fingertip, rubbing it slowly. Then, use your pinky finger to penetrate and go from there. It's actually more important to not penetrate too deep than it is to use too fat a finger. Her sphincter muscle closes at several points, and it's painful to go too deep without warning.

- Never use the same finger, toy, whatever, on both her butt and the vagina. This is exceptionally bad hygiene that will likely give her a UTI (Urinary tract infection.) Not pretty or fun, and you don’t want her cursing your name every time she has to scream when peeing. Be clean. And make absolutely sure to wash your hands afterwards.

A lot of women like stimulation in the posterior, and yet they are also torn, believing the stigma that anal stimulation or sex is filthy and degenerate. (There are still laws on the books of many states against sodomy - the act of anal sex.) If this is your taste and not hers, respect her wishes and stay away. You’ll find that if you do well in pleasing her in other areas, she may get curious later on, and it could lead to working her up to some anal sex at a later point as well.

[And worth mention here... Last minute tip on giving a woman oral sex - intensify the clit-licking you're giving her by slipping a finger into her anus. This sends most women over the edge!]

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