Thursday, October 29, 2009

Q & A: "My penis is very small."

Q. Will masturbation affect your penis at all? I've heard
that masturbating as a teenager increases your penis's adult
size. Is this true? Does masturbating affect your penis's ability
to "shoot" semen at all?

What is the average penis size for a 15 year old?

I was wondering if using an 8" penis could actually
"hurt" a petite lady. I have had several women tell me that
considering my size, I should "take it easy" so as to not cause
any lasting soreness. Please comment.

I'm 18 years old and have a BIG problem. My penis is very
small. I'm able to get small erections and masturbate, but I'm
afraid that I won't be able to satisfy my girlfriend sexually. Is
there some kind of condition that has caused this? And, are there
any drugs or medical treatments to make my penis larger?

A. When it comes to penis size, these questions -- all
submitted in the past couple of weeks -- cover the
spectrum pretty well. Although the topic is often greeted with
laughter, embarrassment, or snickering, I suspect that there are
few issues with the potential to cause as much anxiety among men
as this one.

Like it or not, a man's sense of masculinity is linked to,
perhaps even emanates from, his genital organs. Not a surprise.
The genitals are not only a source of great pleasure for a man,
but they are often at the heart of his experience of intimacy.
They are also the source of hormones that increase his
musculature, deepen his voice, distribute his body hair -- all
features associated with virility. And the genitals have the
"power" to impregnate a woman which is a source of great pride
and pleasure for many men.

Does size count? Interestingly, it is not the size of testicles
that count, just the penis. It's not hard to see how on some
primitive level, size would seem to be important. Throughout
history, a man's ability to be "potent" emanates from his
erection. All powers of reproduction were dependent on getting an
erection. Indeed, power itself was associated with procreation. A
king who could not conceive a child -- an heir to the throne --
was in trouble. Most men have experienced at least a temporary
failure to maintain an erection well enough to satisfy themselves
or their sexual partner. This failure will often leave a man
feeling small and inadequate.

So what is a normal penis size? I am going to skirt the issue
because it is not the point. Although other men might have you
believe (or we may in our minds construct a belief) that one man
is better because he is bigger, it is worth challenging that
assumption by asking some questions. Does a bigger penis bring a
man more sexual pleasure? Does it increase the pleasure of his
sexual partner? Does it increase his virility, or enhance his
capacity to conceive? Does it make him more desirable as a long
term mate? Is his ability to love, to share life, and to be
intimate, linked to his penis size? Is his power to excel at
work, to be a great athlete, to raise children, to believe in
God, to create art, is any of that enhanced by having a large
penis? Apart from the width of a man's penis, which in some cases
may increase a woman's sexual pleasure, I would suggest that none
of these things is dependent on penis size.

So why worry? If you're smaller than others, then you're smaller
than others. That will never prevent you from the potential of
having thrilling sexual experiences. And if your partner is not
satisfied, do not be concerned. There are many reasons why our
sexual partners may not be satisfied; but there are also many
imaginative ways to provide him or her with ecstatic sexual
experiences. A man with a big penis does need to be a little
careful of "petite" women. Women's vaginas are also variable in
size, in lubrication, and in the potential for discomfort from
excessive penetration. Go slow at first, and let her guide you as
to what feels comfortable for her. As to whether frequent
masturbation can increase penis size or affect ejaculation, I am
afraid it will have no effect.

-- R. Jandl

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